New company to Caracal battalion

לוחמת קרקל, צילום ארכיון

The new company will bring a change in allowing integrating combatants and veteran fighters, allow better preservation of operational knowledge

תאריך: 27/06/2013, 14:00    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה“ל

The Caracal battalion founded rovith new company will bring significant change in the regiment: the August company, consisting of grain structures keep track as company existed so far on the new company to spread among the four oldest squads.

“In cooperation with the youth movement נח”ל and decided that every veteran received a class company in August, “the IDF website, Company Commander Captain Igal Raskin,” the goal is to strengthen the connection of the seeds to share, because every battalion of the Regiment, and also create speedier battalions as personnel of August company consists of quality people very motivated “.

In addition, it was Greece in their route kernels in a different instance other Army brigades, a situation arises after the company released a year and a half. “The cycle
My son’s seed that make year of service through youth movements before the draft, and joins the route for a year and a half are qualified for the job and Pictionary, and embark on a yearlong period, “said Captain Ruskin now instead of one company would leave the ו”נאבד “purchased, only one class given off. Operationally, the new mode will allow better preservation of knowledge “.

“Everything depends on us, the change feels good to a battalion and the seeds — then continue. Now from what I see and get from the soldiers, the change is for the better, “said Captain Ruskin.

Translated from Hebrew