New contact system in the IDF: “Elad” green pass encrypted data to commanders in the field.

צילום: “אלביט”

The new system is able to transfer encrypted data and to optimize the response time on the battlefield. The system in use already operational in the coming months

תאריך: 05/12/2011, 16:53    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

The IDF put new radio soon to use “green” operations can Elad to intercept encrypted data too not just radio, and is expected to serve all
Levels in the army – from Division to command level. The new system will integrate with tanks and armored personnel carriers into operational use starting in April.

“Elad” is green a transceiver (km) that allows you to move about and talk radio, as well as to transfer encrypted data to the screen, touchscreen RPT and hardened accessed many diverse data to help commanders in real time. The device will enable streaming real-time photos and videos.

“This is actually the first in the world to make a radio that operates on a radio device that operates on data. We’re the first to develop an integrated weapons
Like this, “said IDF Deputy Commander site 7, Lieutenant Colonel Yigal pedal. “Technology has progressed and the need to transfer knowledge in another way man. This is basically part of the fleet’s age we
Live in a world that is moving on a broad spectrum of technology-related knowledge and information based on the fleet, “he added.

Meanwhile, “Elad green” optimizes the move because most operations automatically and requires no human factor for frequency and so on. Because of this, and a faster pace of action in relation to previous networks, “Elad green” shorten reaction time in combat.
“War is a war on. As the information comes, the sooner the war progresses better. If the device was running two seconds, now it will work in a second.
And in this area is critical, “Lieutenant Colonel pedal.

ה”אלעד green” developed by the company “Elbit” and Technology Division. He hasn’t entered operational use but already experienced in the last exercise. Each instrument is estimated cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, so there is a dilemma which rate would be a more effective device – the tactical Echelon, until the division-level or operational level, a level of command.

Translated from Hebrew