New Division Commander 36: “must preserve life routine in the Golan Heights.”

הרמטכ”ל בסיור בגבול סוריה עם המאו”ג היוצא, תא”ל היימן. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

Brig. Gen. Itzik turjeman replaces the General role Tamir Hayman, who was in charge of historical decisions following the changes in the sector. פצ”ן Commander:” the Division is huge war machine going and shtchllat “

תאריך: 31/07/2013, 21:06    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

עוצבת געש
רמת הגולן

Today (Wednesday) completed his general Tamir Hayman, Division Commander after 36 years in Office. Under Brig. Gen. Abraham received the Golan scene entirely new combat perception due to Syrian Civil War considered across the border.
The Division Commander will be Brig. Gen. Itzik turjeman.

The Exchange ceremony was attended by the northern command, Gen. Yair Golan and the junior sector. In his speech referred to champion the Division’s strength and operational importance. Division 36 is “war machine. This machine is shtchllat, is improving from day to day. The land was never easy, and probably going to be more difficult, “said the Commander of northern command.

Under Brig. Gen. Tamir Hayman, the Division was facing many of her changes, which required acceptance of historical decisions. Construction of the new fence along the border and firing toward Syria in response to leakage from Israeli territory civil war are just some of those things can be.

New Division Commander 36: “must preserve life routine in the Golan Heights.”

Hailopn ceremony yesterday. Photo: IDF

In his conclusion, the Mao article in soon as head of the training and Operations Directorate, that “the war in Syria has created new challenges and requires a balanced assessment and management in charge of its aggressive line and on the Israeli security interests and not involve Israel in the war. To our neighbors to the East can only mean that
We discuss people and fight, we want to live in peace in this approach further, but Bell retiring
When the inevitable confrontation approach. We are committed to the defence of the Golan Heights, nor will any attempt to obstruct the security reality in the northern command.

Brig. Gen. Itzik turjeman, who recently finished his role as military Secretary to the Secretary of Defense, is the person who entered into the shoes of Brig. Gen. Abraham, which is necessary to obtain in time the crucial decisions which made the Division Brigadier General Abraham. “The threats do not have decreased, they changed and became more sophisticated and dangerous. Do whatever is necessary to preserve life as routine population accustomed to live there in peace and security. Division 36 be bound first decree on every front, “said Brig. Gen. turgeman.

Translated from Hebrew