New Division Commander Colonel 188: NIR Ben David

צילום: דובר צה”ל

Colonel Ben David replaces in the Colonel aishu1. The incoming Commander: “proud to get to the command of the IDF’s point”

תאריך: 06/08/2015, 17:27    
מחבר: אור גינזבורג, אתר צה”ל

חטיבה 188

Colonel NIR Ben David was appointed today (Thursday) to 188, Division Commander and replaced in the Colonel aishu1, who served in this capacity during the past two years. The ceremony was held at the camp site, “alich Commander” volcano “, decorated Brigadier General Isaac turgeman.

“The story of the regiment on Yom Kippur there is nothing comparable in the history of the IDF,” said Brig. Gen. turgeman. “Division lost the senior hers during 24 hours of fighting, and in two days, as the legendary Phoenix, got up from the dirt road back to take part in further fighting this splendid heritage of the Division, the heritage is reflected in its strength and spirit.

The incoming Commander of the regiment served most recently as Deputy Commander of 91st Division “tooth”. ”
The serious events that took place in Israel in the past week, hate crimes, above all reproached and conversation, especially climate Division service 188, “said Colonel
Ben David. “This is a climate that allows anyone to come to the fore and serve a significant service.
I am proud to get to the command of the IDF took point designed ‘ lightning ‘ to be ready for the highest level of alert for the sudden decline. I am convinced, together with all the fighters and controls Division, headed by commanders of battalions and companies, to lead the Division down the road to the many challenges that are already waiting in opened.

Colonel bloom led the Brigade in combat during operation “Cliff”. “I felt the spirit of Division last summer, in the small and large, during the operation,” he said. “This operation was a success and the many achievements, alongside paid a very heavy price. The war within the South lost the Division seven fighters and commanders, amzzoinim that bbhorim life in our midst. Privilege and great pride was to lead and oversee special people like you. I didn’t realize the power that will be affected by one brigade commanders and fighters, designed to shine “generations”.

Translated from Hebrew