New establishment in Haredi battalion “netzah Yehuda battalion”

גיוס ל”נצח יהודה”. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

First Orthodox warriors trend established in the Kfir Brigade. The program is responsible for establishing the basis of a special and rookies adjusting Zionist education content for

תאריך: 08/05/2013, 15:41    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

נצח יהודה

Following the increase in the number of ultra-Orthodox recruits to combat roles, first established in “Kfir” trend is responsible for the training of soldiers. The trend began with the recruitment of young ultra-Orthodox Jews last week,
With the understanding that “netzah Yehuda battalion Regiment” will not be able to absorb the amount of recruits, and to get more frames, taking into consideration the unique demands.

The activities of the program, she was responsible for the renovation and adaptation of special ultra-Orthodox recruits fighters in the Valley, “נח”ל level “. Rush fighters
The latter, which was the biggest to date, will be sent to him.

As part of the new trend were the rookies in two new battalions, one play after troop training netzah Yehuda battalion “while other fighters scattered among infantry brigades differ, or be the basis for establishing another Orthodox battalion In addition, the draft final rule, several dozen Orthodox academic academic reserve. Other ultra-Orthodox recruits will complement
Support positions.

New establishment in Haredi battalion “netzah Yehuda battalion”

The recruitment of young Haredim last week. Photo: IDF spokesman Tal Manor

The Haredim founded lately due to the expected increase in the number of recruits.
“The army took seriously, integration and the ultra-Orthodox of the invested resources”, said the Commander, Maj. nadav Dahan. “Renovated” camp נח”ל” level to provide them with the conditions they need to perform optimal training – no common service base and glatt kosher dining. The new training is carried out under the command of regimental training base, and for the lives they are many educational content. They receive lessons and lectures relating to Zionism and the State, this is another mission of these soldiers, “he added.

The new trend began with the raising of Haredim last week.
Received 400 recruitment. Since the IDF recruitment not considered normal in Haredi society,
Some of the kids from amtgiisim did so despite lack of support from their environment.
One is enlightened, 18-year-old who decided to enlist in the army of reserve.
“They told me that if I joined up I can go home,” said. “I joined knowing that I was going to be a soldier, but was important to me to join. This is my decision.
And nobody will drive me out of this. “

Translated from Hebrew