New IDF unit tag: South

בסיס האימונים הפיקודי בצאלים. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

פד”ם training base in a single tag gets targeted again after a long process of empowerment training center

תאריך: 20/08/2013, 16:59    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל


As they left the training base soldiers of southern command home at the weekend in a tag will be different than that with which they arrived on Sunday. To date, the training was not his tag and the soldiers wore the badge, but commanders and soldiers of the year badge work in March on the only badge will be awarded to soldiers officially.
This week, in the evening Wednesday.

“Every command training base has its unique tag, and we thought about it and decided within the base and empowerment will produce pride, we design a badge,” explained the Deputy Commander of the IDF site coming, Maj. Tal danino. “The soldiers enlisted for the job and they formed a tag with the publishing of command.” We have confirmed the tag in front of command symbols Committee then popular symbols Committee that examined the tag. Everything converged to IDF criteria and the tag. Deputy Chief stressed that there is great interest “. It’s unique to come forward and tag remain generations soldiers want him and realize that he demonstrates what they do “.

New IDF unit tag: South

The new tag

In the past two years going through the training base for the targeted command itself. “We have improved in the field of training and his cohorts in the practice, each with unique training program preparing the regiment according to sector in southern command which will be placed. Even planted hundreds of trees to improve the basics, elaborated. “Created a tidy was in previous years. Soldiers began to feel a part of, and a major part of it. “

The tag Fox of southern command, a nameless, and the mask 1.
“The deliberate shooting refers to both, because there is a lot of training ranges and came.
Sand the Negev soil and where we are. “

Translated from Hebrew