New Israeli military professionals: and

לוחמים עם מערכת צי”ד בשטח. צילום: דובר צה”ל

The modern battlefield and assimilation of systems and control in the misodo Warrior, military role and determine who will be the soldiers carry systems and admiring them in the field.

תאריך: 11/04/2012, 11:43    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

Two new military positions in the IDF: “and”-the soldier’s command and control systems of the strength and impressed her with his commander, and the company –
A soldier assigned to the ICT task force.

The roles that followed the fleet hatgbsho (Army Digital), received the first official document validity specified in a recognized and soon military subjects, so that a soldier could finish his tour of duty as holding the release indicates that served in those roles.

As part of the new roles and epitomizes the Shaw training course official check;
This is the week the commanding focuses on technical training is required to master the sophisticated system. The plugatis also established an orderly training that consists of three weeks.
A study on operational fighters emergency systems and routines and the technical sides.
Also, the training program is expected to come in soon undertake any Census Division meeting
The fleet system to learn how to use it for maximum operational advantage.

“And required to carrying large weights, operational concept and high technical skills,” said the IDF site רמ”ד and bargaining, Captain Joseph aptemo. However,
A weight problem nowadays operational solution. The IDF is in advanced talks with Elbit, the company that developed the fleet system, published by dawn light system as percentages: 10 kg off the weight to about five. “This program is in the final stages,” said Captain aptemo, “you have to remember also that the Warrior carrying full equipment This is a big weight.

Daybreak, Shaw to live, allows commanders to receive a digital picture of the broad powers and operational activities, and deliver effective commands forces greater than ever. Various experiments showed the system operational efficiency. “People left out one character actions in battlefield in amazing. Can we close the circle of fire in less than a minute.
The actions on the battlefield-waning and expensive “, said Captain aptemo.

Translated from Hebrew