New itmya the Chief industry in IDF units

צילום: סיון פלג, דובר צה”ל

The company “Elbit”, which develops the system of control and supervision, transfer
Gradually attract the forces training system from the hands of צי”ד industry.
Head of branch: “the revolutionary change that will alter the military capabilities to command and control.”

תאריך: 16/11/2010, 19:30    
מחבר: דניאלה בוקור וסיון פלג


A new branch, צי”ד branch (Army Digital), admitted starting in October to be responsible for the implementation and migration of the IDF units.
As part of its main goals should the industry take the reins to Charlie company “Elbit”, supplier of the ambitious project, into the hands of the army.

The army is one of the most expensive projects and led major in approximately € cost. 6 billion. The main objective of the fleet is to move
The screen snapshot to date of the combat scene by presenting the order, progress, the boundaries of battle scenes, enemy placement etc. This allows coordination between the forces
The various levels and units.

Interface systems include position (command and control), battle management system in the armored Corps, observation and monitoring force fighters and more. All these years without distinguishing the operational and Strategic Affairs of modern wars, built in sketches on old maps and plans on writing.

Interface systems are supplied by the company “Elbit”, who was responsible so far for most of the fleet training and certification in the various units. Elbit instructors, most of them officers in the reserves until Col. Maj. degrees, courses and lessons for all levels of command.
And monitoring the implementation process. The guidance of “Elbit” was indeed, but raised questions about the involvement of Israeli citizens in the body, which aims to be self-sufficient.
As much as possible. The Wing Commander, Gen. Sami turgeman, decided to increase the army’s involvement in the project and move the arm by training.

“The eyes are the military branch”

Despite the huge investment in the project, until a few months ago the kind krtaa systems implementation. “Each report could decide whether he wants to use the system or not,” notes Lt. Col. GAL horev, head of conflict within the fleet industry.
“Because it is not taken into account the time you have to invest to learn the system, the training was done thoughtlessly and many just gave up because they couldn’t keep pace. The training process is a complex process that must start with courses such as מ”פים course-and similar, to get used to the presence of commanders of systems and come in contact with. If you won’t be using daily and continuous, knowledge will not be saved. “

The youngest branch founded in fact to respond to this issue. “The eyes of the army are currently towards this industry started to build from scratch,” notes צי”ד head, Lieutenant Colonel Elad.
“It is a privilege to serve in place of a period and a significant junction to be than we know today. This is a revolutionary change that will alter the military capabilities to command and control. “

In May 2010, the industry began to make his first steps. Bad shoes, Lieutenant Colonel, and the branch from the guides and training, the gradual exclusion of directories “Elbit” wants. The branch is expected to implement the system among the troops manipulated.
Look (ongoing security) and headquarters troops, and that the “Elbit”. Today, the involvement of these guides are reduced significantly, and especially
Engaged in studying military manuals about the fleet and yet the most manoeuvrable forces remained most accreditation by the society.

This weekend was the first time the industry instructors pass on how
Independent, important and significant move for the industry. “It must be remembered that ב”אלביט “also helped to work behind the scenes,” noted Lieutenant Colonel horev, “However, seems to be already in the coming months will by training instructors in the industry.


In a צי”ד

The motto of the school is mvati fleet comes change. “The rationale of GoC army headquarters is the instrument that they sanction conduct training infrastructure,” explains Lieutenant Colonel. “Next year we hope to also Pu and the different sceneries as part of aatmah. These days, before a move to open information centers course which sends each officer with prior knowledge in a fleet, the two weeks of the course. Besides, the branch to guide units, קמ”נים and smbch courses for learning the fleet.

Among the divisions, designed “volcano” accelerated and almost perfect integration and many forces close already use various applications. “Designed the steel is also in advanced processes and better implement the fleet training base command Eliakim, belongs to northern command, began to be among the industry in a צי”ד. At the base there are three classes of computers that were upgraded to grasp the situation and systems built new stations today.

Translated from Hebrew