New Lebanon border will improve the operational response in sector

ספינת דבורה. צילום אילסוטרציה: דובר צה”ל

The vessel, “Super Bee” Mark III, figure in the Navy party responsible for maritime border feel “has excellent operational capabilities.”

תאריך: 21/08/2013, 16:14    
מחבר: לי ירון, “במחנה”

חיל הים

New actress in the North: in the Navy are planning a move of purchasing
Super Bee “ships” 3 to the party responsible for keeping bees the border with Lebanon. Far advanced model ships that took part only in the party operates off the coast of Gaza.
Whereas in the North they used bees sample mark 1 and mark 2.

“The move will improve the protection in the North,” said marine Commander Colonel cruise. “That bee able to sail faster and to maneuver better. She has better fire radar capabilities. The new craft is already operating in Ashdod and prove excellent operational capabilities. “

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Launched a huge logistics base in the North to allow improvement of the operational activities in the Navy.
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Bee patrol ships are ships of the Navy, ongoing security shmshmot (I), and to prevent acts of terrorism. The Navy is equipped with three types of bees. Procurement
The bees, manufactured by Israel aircraft industries, in addition to cutting two Navy warships, the required efficiency in defense budget.

Lieutenant Colonel a. Stresses that unlike land borders of the State of Israel, no sea wall that protects against hostile terrorist activity (פח”ע), hostile factors or explosives.
Draw the line from Rosh Hanikra into the sea, and marked with buoys. The bees.
They are required to identify every little event in the sector, to reach and manipulate in minutes, so that the bees would be a significant force multiplier for sailing.

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