New majestic in place: “no enemy or challenge unable”

צילום: גל לירן, דובר צה”ל

Majid Shaham, bloom, said Lt. Col. yogev command of the regiment to Lt. Sharon Asman. When challenging period of training on the northern border.

תאריך: 14/08/2013, 09:51    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל


Last week conducted a ceremony of granite battalion Nahal Brigade, takes up a line in the Golan. The ceremony was attended by Commander of the 91st Division, Brig. Gen. Motti Bruch, Commander, decorated Colonel and Commander will score the Division rested, Colonel Yehuda Fuchs. Lt. Col. Sharon
Incoming signal for Chief of his regiment, replacing Lt. yogev bloom which finishes
In a challenging period for well-timed on the northern border.

Speaking of the Majles, Lt.-Col.
Sharon Asman, referred to by the mission and said that “we will continue to prepare and work toward your goal-imposed to protect the House and its occupants. Stand on any given task or challenge us, and the enemy cannot, “said in his speech. “Together, we will continue to maintain the values and heritage of the battalion,” he added.

New majestic in place: “no enemy or challenge unable”

Referring to the heritage, specify that “the battalion Lt. Col. Mark fighting the establishment in all sectors, for ensuring the safety of the residents of the State of Israel.”  II, Lieutenant Colonel yogev, bloom finished after two petitions challenging battalion stationed in granite finish the Lebanon border. II enters praised the functioning of Lieutenant Colonel and thanked him. “I appreciate when you commanded the regiment and led
That impressive achievements. Your leadership and personality us battalion mission with the chain of command.
Impressive quality “, said Lieutenant Colonel mark

As noted above, recently erected granite battalion in Sector North, where performers gather activity in t. However, Lieutenant Colonel mark to
The many challenges facing the Regiment at this time. The granite battalion “responsibility rests on our shoulders and we will encounter many challenges yet. I believe in you-commanders, soldiers and fighters who continue to learn, and together we will win, “said the battalion commander.

Translated from Hebrew