New practice was inaugurated with Gaza Division soldiers.

פלורית שויחט

The modern clinic, contribution of Jewish philanthropists, will include a full range of medical experts. The doctors room donated for the Gulf, education
Two years ago during military service. “I’m glad to be a doctor living language,” said do

תאריך: 17/11/2010, 19:39    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט

Only health: new and advanced practice was last week (Wednesday) Gaza division headquarters at the base. New clinic (Medical Center named the Ryman)
Provide ongoing medical services for soldiers in the Division in many fields, including skin, orthopedics, Gynecology, dentistry, psychiatry, physiotherapy, testing
And general medicine.

The clinic, which until today was located in temporary structure and lacks resources, now equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment, which will make the wonders treating Division soldiers. The building project-art practice began two years ago. The first week the clinic and other innovations which are likely in the coming months. The ambitious project cost three million dollars donated by members of the FIDF philanthropists Organization (my friend in USA), mainly Jews.

The event attended the Gaza Division Commander, Brig. Gen. Eyal eizenberg, Chief Medical Officer, Brigadier General Dr. Nachman ash, ceo of FIDF, ceo of Association,
Ilan Tal, a dozen friends from Miami and FIDF.

“I want to thank for all the soldiers. It is a great honour for us to receive this donation, and honored to be here on the last day, “admitted Gaza Division Commander, Brig. Gen. Eisenberg to the many donors who had a ceremony opening the clinic. “This will give room for the thousands of soldiers we guarantee that it will remain as it is,
And get better. “

Even the Chief Medical Officer, Brigadier General Dr. Nachman ash, was moved from the stand. “I’m excited, not because of the money but let the love and excitement I felt of day, special way where you look at this building and warm words. Love, that’s what matters, “he said, adding that” it represents the special relationship between Israel, the Jews that are important to us and you, and more powerful. “

Named to commemorate the dead.

“Awesome, awesome, many donors were repeatedly when they were exposed for the first time after the ceremony to the spacious clinic. Donors showed signs that indicate the names of the classes, which are called named and their loved ones, and photographed with the clinic doctors. Some of the donors, while revealing the sign, were moved to tears, as the investment in the project was also a way for them to commemorate their loved ones who are no longer alive.

For example, doctors donated by the Friedland for the Gulf, two education during military service: Uriel, who killed when on a mine in 1998, and his regiment, his 12 of Golani was killed this year in an incident in Gaza. “There’s a special family about us, who lost two sons. This family reminds me why I wear a uniform, why I serve in the IDF, what we all serve, “said Brig. Gen. Eisenberg.

Miriam Peretz, mother of Uriel and eliraz, came to the ceremony with two of her three children
The other heads and eliasaf, and was very excited from the stand. “I’m glad to be language doctor
To give life “, she said and turned excitedly to one of the doctors:” fight for their lives, because there’s nothing more valuable. My children, Uriel and eliraz, who aspired to live, wanted to live, strive to live. The struggle over this country charging, but this place will do anything to live.

Translated from Hebrew