New project opened for Ethiopian troops in the air force.

צילום: חיל האוויר

A special project designed to assist members of the Ethiopian troops in the beginning of their careers in the military first opened. Mentors assist veterans to new soldiers to be absorbed better.

תאריך: 07/10/2011, 15:46    
מחבר: ליה שנל, אתר חיל האוויר

The air force recently pioneered a new project that helps the absorption and integration of troops of the Ethiopian. The project linked soldiers to come to Committee members the air force bases with elders are members of the Committee, chosen from warrant and officers at the base.

“We discovered that amtgiisim should support, because they feel that commanders don’t understand them enough. It’s hard for them with the adaptation, with credentials at propaganda about the military, “says Maj. meirav Tamir, head of education at cast.

The project is an initiative of the treatment in humans in the Ethiopian air force headquarters. The decision to establish a unique team was made after it became clear that despite the high figures of humans, a relatively high service standard.

“The aim is that each new soldier witness get Foundation gets educated. Not be educated, but the Chief powers could consult with him about the ways of the ADA and elder could help explain the role of the soldier. We think the first year will make a big change, “shares major Tamir.

But the sponsors in bases, began operating last year scholarship program to members of the Committee who served in the air force, in cooperation with the academic project “Futures”.
Under the project, each a veteran Ben resulting Committee for engineering at one of the universities, contact future project, that will help him in school funding.

“The participants in the program receive full funding of the title, and rent economy and help finding jobs during and after graduation, telling major Tamir. “Although so far we have only three participants, but I wish there would be more.

Translated from Hebrew