New pumps came into use at Navy 13

מורנות. צילום: זרוע הים

The pumps were developed in the arm, and went into use in ה”מורנה boats” of the commando unit. The pumps are stronger, and are suitable for the fast way
And the Navy’s massive || The pumps is expected to save $ 250 thousand arm

תאריך: 11/03/2015, 20:39    
מחבר: רתם קליגר, אתר צה”ל

חיל הים
שייטת 13

Special pumps developed sea wing came into use a few months ago in ה”מורנה boats of the marine commando unit. The aidraolies pumps (liquid force driven) are connected to the steering wheel, allowing the boats move left and right.
This is a significant improvement, because before the pumps were weak and technicians had to replace them regularly, even during operational activity.

The new pumps are stronger, and are suitable to the fast and massive departure of Navy fighters. Resistance is expected to save $ 250 thousand sea wing each year, and to facilitate the work of the party. “The new pumps will prevent long downtime of the tyre’s boats”, purchasing manager, propulsion equipment which initiated the development of pumps,
Staff Sgt. Major Andrew cousin. “I started my path in the Navy’s technical, and I remember
To replace the old pump was the strike at least an hour, morays, if not longer.
The new pumps will need to be replaced, but if necessary the replacement done in 10 minutes.

ה”מורנה” is the delivery of RAID tyre, and is used for commando unit task both sea and near the coast in training and operational missions. The tool is equipped with two engines, allowing high-speed cruise very difficult sea conditions such as strong wind and high waves. “Previous pumps were too delicate for the unit, working quickly, skillfully and powerful”, said staff Sgt. major Alastair.

Translated from Hebrew