New robot יהל”ם will improve the ability of the unit dealing with Chargers

קצין ההנדסה הראשית בוחן את הרובוטים החדשים. צילום: מז”י

The robot, Talon 4, special adjustments in GoC army headquarters and simplify the party of the elite, “replacing the greatest robot.”

תאריך: 30/07/2013, 17:31    
מחבר: נעם שרעבי, אתר מז”י

הנדסה קרבית

Black robot advanced only slowly towards a Red Ribbon that runs against a host of other dark robots. The scissors filed solemnly Talon robot 2 kan “(Chief Engineering Officer), Brig. Gen. Yossi Morley and racht (head of technical division
To land Brigadier General Robin that cut lives) together the film that marked the launch of Talon 4.

The new robots will enter operational service in ס”פ party (bomb disposal) of יהל”ם
Already in the near future. Talon 4 joins the squad after several months of intensive work of Chief Engineering Officer, and Chief חט”ל arm weaponry. In recent months, purchased the robots and adjustments and upgrades by needle according to the needs of the unit. Along with קהנ”ר and also attended the ceremony racht Commander Lieutenant Colonel יהל”ם, Ido Mizrahi, maintenance of the unit, and school officials who took part in the project.

“Robots ס”פ party’s part and the only critical
For me, the new robot is a force multiplier combat engineering corps, “said Brig. Gen. Morley
Just before cutting. “We will continue to pick up in the coming months, and I am convinced that by 2014 to look יהל”ם different aspects of empowerment and strength building.
Brig. Gen. Robin, who also spoke on the subject of the only power, referring to the fertile cooperation between units. “The winning combination between Corps and diamond, and the needle is reflected here, but it’s also true of other force values, said Brig. Gen. Robin. “The cooperation is carried out by a group of motivated people who are driven by an understanding and recognition of the importance of the integration of advanced technology systems in real-time, in a short time you will undoubtedly save lives.

New robot יהל”ם will improve the ability of the unit dealing with Chargers

Talon 2 serves them to the Engineering Officer. Photo: GoC army headquarters

Who was responsible for the purchase and fit is a needle רמ”ד robotic systems, Lieutenant Colonel Leon Sandy who after cutting the movie robots against קהנ”ר and racht “new robot designed for dealing with cargo, and its uniqueness is expressed by a State, it has longer range and relatively broad freedom of action,” explained Lieutenant Colonel Sandy. H maintenance of יהל”ם waiting for the new robots. Among the candidates was also responsible for the unit’s robotics, okashi רס”ם yohai Ben which look at the robots and couldn’t hide his excitement. “I’ve been here three years, and this is the first time I’ve seen replacing robots of this magnitude,” said. “These robots waiting for a long time. They will join the robots only used another ‘ 90s, so this is a significant leap.

יהל”ם unit (special engineering) is a force for complex tasks, especially in the field of engineering, both in action
And independent of other units escort. The unit is made up of several parties responsible for various matters, such as tunnels and weapons destruction, breaking into buildings, bombs and explosives and advanced robots. Defense cadets Corps who enlisted the day they pass a special formation in order to be accepted.

Translated from Hebrew