New section on coordination and handling of casualties bereaved families of IDF disabled veterans

After the care staff work to establish a dedicated section deal with families whose loved ones died IDF due to permanent disability

תאריך: 26/12/2011, 10:39    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

The Department of manpower Directorate will establish a dedicated section deal with families whose loved ones died IDF due to permanent disability. The section will focus for the first time unique needs of this population, the benefits also would be granted to those families.

The construction Division is a result of staff work which took place at the Defense Ministry, and now, in collaboration with the Organization “Yad LeBanim organization” orphans and widows. Family therapy be indiscriminately hailit.

“This is the beginning of a process designed to communicate between IDF army families that died.
Due to injury. The nature of the collaboration is the recognition of their value to the activity, “said the IDF site Chief, Col. Yair Ben-Shalom.

Similar to the conditions of families of martyrs who were killed during an IDF operational activity, will families, before recruiting kids to IDF, shared activities camps
The Ministry of Defense and in commemoration of the deceased. “How can they treat bereaved orphans and the brothers who receive close support prior to mobilization. Additionally, we discuss now in commemoration of precious, and we find a way to get to them and their deceased in an appropriate way,” noted Chief, Lt. Col. Rebecca relations Shankar.

Lior Sharon is a cripple. his father was Sergeant senior ordnance Corps, which began during his military service. The father was recognized by the IDF, the IDF disability today, after his father died due to illness, Sharon officially recognized. “Day of IDF are finally recognized. It’s time for injured and suffered all his life due to his injury, by Turkey, “said Sharon, who seems pleased with the measure.

The Chairman of Yad LeBanim, Eli Ben there summed up the importance of the establishment of the section. “To the ones sitting here, the best. They gave themselves to the country, and they deserve respect in return.

Translated from Hebrew