New sniper rifles are embedded in an elite IDF units

צילום: דובר צה”ל

New weapons designed to takeover and intervention units only the contestants with the terrorist events to upgrade combat capabilities, especially in cases involving hostages.

תאריך: 11/09/2012, 16:12    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

The GoC army headquarters are planning a significant reinforcement to elite events metamorphosis counter-terrorism warfare (MA) it in the form of new sniper rifles
Enhanced precision capabilities, which are embedded in the ground. Land Technology Division (חט”ל) and the Department of major finish these days to define the operational requirements for vessels
The weapon, designed to upgrade the capability of the units on the edge of the terrorist takeover, especially
Cases involving hostages.

“This gun is to target a single injury burden, without causing damage to the environment, so you might be unable, for that matter, to press a button to run a load or shoot a bunch lately,” the IDF site רמ”ד arms (arms fire) needle, Maj. Gil illouz.
For this purpose set in GoC army headquarters for special operations, which defines the small bullet deviation in restrictive device that exists today in the IDF for sniper rifles. In addition, the new iaupiino guns in the ability to find the ball as derived from their scenarios type
They are designed, and require “ease of use and quick guide.”

Major illouz said that the new rifles are designed to takeover and intervention units only and a few dozen more are expected to airchsh items to troops. The GoC army headquarters begin
Soon to test several weapons in violation of strict requirements. According to Maj. Iluz weapon likely to buy American-made, but will have as many other measures is expected to undergo conversion and other country-specific adjustments to meet best the objectives set in GoC army headquarters and units.

It is noteworthy that sniping weapons that are tested are different multiplayer guns the sting live, that has been recently upgraded too comprehensive, comprehensive income of new רוב”צי Barak. While the main goal of fighting forces sniper rifles in remote targets hit, the emphasis on sniper rifles to counter terrorism is placed on accuracy than that.

Translated from Hebrew