New study: moderate anger helps perform tasks in combat units

A study on the behavior of a paratroopers recruits indicates that
The mental state of arousal and anger moderate has to perform strenuous physical activity

תאריך: 26/01/2012, 12:31    
מחבר: דניאלה בוקור ומדור פנ”צ בדובר צה”ל

Anger at perceived us many negative-emotion to dovish subversive, abusive and violent here emissions ruthless. Human emotion is detrimental
And barrier while working, and used silk gloves so as not to awaken him from marbzzo. However, certain activities that require power barge and determination such as running, climbing rope and carrying weight that harnessing the anger will improve performance.
These actions are required periodically, whether in practice or in a face-to-face encounter with the enemy.

A new study conducted recently among Rookies of paratroopers revealed the contribution of arousal and anger moderate crawling the sweaty disco floor, brick wall and jump to the full run-ב”אמוק” If the commanders know how to channel the emotions flying around to achieve the required goals.

The study is part of the doctoral dissertation of itsik Tzur holds an undergraduate degree in psychology and a master’s degree in sports psychology. Create loan to novices of paratroopers in May last year, while the advanced training phase and during watching the soldiers shouting, jumping, jump and hang on the ropes and learn what emotions have driven them.

It is common to think that only “positive” emotions such as joy and relaxation are a better source or its effective functioning. The study shows that the mental state of arousal and anger moderate has larger contribution to Sprint, to carry the weight and actions
Maomzzot physical. In tasks requiring precision and concentration skills, not anger and gives an advantage actually reduces performance qualities-for example a soldier jumping faster when it is under, but shoots worse, and vice versa.

Chief mission: bringing in soldiers the feeling of hope.

To bridge the differences between the emotions and to create proper channeling the emotion for action there is a need to develop a sense of self-ה”מסוגלות”-the feeling that the soldier is able to accomplish the task, which is appreciated by his commanders and knows exactly what to do and how. “To develop a sense of” who “is responsible for including the Commander claimed. “As an honest soldier Captain confidence and self-efficacy, ital better soldier. The missions soldiers so filled with stress and it is likely they will not be able
To be calm. In this mode the function of the Chief not to encourage anger but to give soldiers the tools to believe in themselves and trust in the road to achieving your goal.

“A well-trained soldier, who feel the Chief trust and receives assessment from the Commander, yiftach sense such efficacy which would allow him to exploit any mental-mental for him”, explained in his research. “In addition, the Commander can strengthen their sense of hope. As lachiill the way for achieving the objective will be clearer, and have his hands more ways and alternatives to an end, so does the sense of hope and become stronger and consequently also capable.
Educated leader to focus on strengthening the sense of self will be capable troops-mental resilience that helps them cope and to reroute mental States on various mental success “.

Create added that “capable” impact old spirit – an example of where it can lead to multiple-mental mental States simultaneously. The study stresses that a soldier has to fight a combination of multiple-mental mental States simultaneously
‘ Debits ‘ and ‘ negative ‘. “These may include feelings of anger and frustration with feelings of optimism and hope. The soldier goes on a mission, or is in the process of implementation,
May be nervous and angry as determined and passionate, “said.

Summarizing the study alleges that soldiers who perceive themselves as having high self-esteem can do the task and control their personal abilities, able to channel it better, for their own good and for the good of the mission, the energy range fighting ‘ ב’רוח sensations raise them. Create notes that “control that he learns to cultivate among his subordinates feel able
Real itmya in self-discipline Lookit soldiers of self-control “.

Beyond the coveted doctorate, Itzik create decided to carry out the study in the hope that its results will be implemented in the future. “the army was interested and therefore received all the required approvals,” said. “I believe that ultimately the IDF will adopt conclusions and use. Now I plan to run another test on the same basis as time progresses more units, such as myself, she’s the interest. I hope other units to study the subject and the research will develop and contribute to the strength of the army. “

Translated from Hebrew