New tag combat intelligence collection Corps


New badge awarded to soldiers of the combat intelligence collection as part of the branding of the new force. The badge incorporates the intent, and olive leaves. Combat intelligence collection officer, Brig. Gen. Eli Pollak: help to power and became the face of the camp.

תאריך: 09/02/2010, 20:34    
מחבר: רותם קארו וייצמן

The combat intelligence collection (“intelligence”), have henceforth send new tag. At a ceremony held in the combat intelligence collection officer in tzrifin, introduced a new badge. “This separation from the old and the new tag renewal bring him prosperity.
And success, “said Brig. Gen. Eli Pollak, combat intelligence collection officer, during the ceremony. Tag
Is part of a chain of marketing and external changes of the soldier, should they continue revealing
The CAP and PIN.

At the ceremony were the first badges to officers, as the combat intelligence collection, Mr. head amp
The person of the officer corps and soldiers. Send command also awarded the badge. The tag symbol and combines the past and the future in the background the badge, and the intended green. Also, the sword.
And olive leaves from the same army that switches the focus on collecting.
“Here begins changing the identity of intelligence to combat collection,” explained Brig. Gen. Polk, adding proudly: “we focus on collecting and preserving combat arm. Help to power the world be watching before camp.

“The new badge emphasizes our mission: combining collecting intelligence purposes and emergency fire crisis,” Maj. NIR Isaiah רמ”ד, contracts, responsible for updating the directives in the observation field and combat collection military He said that these days there is a refresh of the instructions and chshirviot after operation cast lead and the second Lebanon war. For example, special emphasis is given to collecting combat in built-up area and shooting at תמ”ס. currently the emphasis
It’s about speed and target detection, “he says.

Thefirst Sabag, a force encouraging recruitment officer, explained that both recruitment Soloman, in front of the Internet and develop a unique model for use with Soloman, major day. “It is a special and professional force, particularly in the field of observation and camouflage. The intelligence included roles in EM and combat intelligence collection troops are combatants for all intents and purposes, “says Lieutenant savage. “The warrior in both physical and intellectual, since it has extensive knowledge about sophisticated measures and observations,” she added.

Combat intelligence collection “want to take shape for any combat force,” said Brig. Gen. תה”ל site. “This identity entail people who come to the intelligence, but the warfare role requires action and effort. As part of a complete marketing a new force. Though physically, the force branded as one of the five troops in GoC army headquarters “, said

Translated from Hebrew