New tag to Adjutant Corps

תג חיל השלישות החדש. עיצוב: תאי קאיש

Marking 35 years to build the Adjutant Corps decided to resume the only tag, which expresses the love of man, technological progress and the Corps history

תאריך: 12/07/2012, 13:32    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Adjutant Corps led by Brig. Gen. Arye Dahan launched this week a new tag is expected to reach fresh recruits and other soldiers of the force, officers and ngadio.
At the same time marking 35 years establishing Adjutant Corps as part of the lessons of the Yom Kippur war, the IAF decided to renew your tag. “In the process of choosing the set of clear objectives and values – love, walking with progress, preserving heritage and history of the positioning force of progressive and professional force in relation to the treatment of a person,” said mcshl רמ”ד Torah (r. p. – the main headquarters Adjutant officer) major ally.

New tag to Adjutant Corps

Forum officers with the rank of Colonel was convened specifically for that purpose, and the new tag transcended into life as an expression of progress, and human treatment. The former Adjutant Corps included three major elements: the first is a sword and an olive leaf, symbolizing a commitment to protect Venezuelans and commitment to striving for peace. The second element is a number, representing the force theory was established as part of the conclusions of the Agranat Commission that investigated the events of the Yom Kippur war. The last element is more difficult to visually distinguish the black tape, he represents the entrance to the Israeli Adjutant Corps was.
The first force used for management and treatment of personnel.

After submitting suggestions and possible alternatives, a decision which was made Adjutant Corps up to date but still maintains the tradition and heritage of the Corps. “The new badge of the sword and the olive branch, as well as the original colors of the previous badge, to preserve heritage and prominent features,” explained Maj. Mordecai and added that “innovative lines designed tag that give more modern reference to the fundamental values of the force”.

The most significant innovation is the addition of tag three human figures in blue, blue and white mcutvot with the roundness of the Division personnel badge. “The figures appear in front of the tag because Adjutant officer takes lead in unit
Processes for fostering human resources and leadership and individual icons in control, “said major.

Back to ancient sources also took place, and some elements in the tag is intended to indicate the origin of the word “third” in the Bible “the three characters represent the combination arms (r. p. — land, air and sea) and the Adjutant Corps and the role.
The figures are about Bible citation of the role, “said major.

Translated from Hebrew