Next generation artillery

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Tothanot school first גדנ”ע exists to expose teens before raising the artillery corps, participated in the Symposium and the display capabilities of the force. Special emphasis has been placed on combat roles and to build

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מחבר: ניב שקד, אתר צה”ל

זרוע היבשה

Following the initial pilot gadn in coming paratroopers
Even Gunnery School in existing גדנ”ע ground for candidates for security service (Lesh).
Last week conducted two rounds of גדנ”ע high school students, to encourage the army recruitment and the artillery corps. “The main goal was to allow prospective meeting and military experience that will encourage their recruitment to the Israel Defense Forces, said the base commander Colonel Yuval Ben-Dov. “After the pilot comes paratroopers decided to pick up the gauntlet and maintain our גדנ”ע week that also explains about the Corps and fighters and warriors serving the general explanation for the army.

Last year an increase in motivation to serve in the artillery corps, when over 50% of fighters who had joined the Gunners last March put the priority on
In the application preferences. “The current gadn was a show in our activities to encourage recruitment to
The gunners, Colonel Ben-Dov said. “During the seminar held roles in explaining, as a view showing the candidates for your service. Part of this day was dedicated to fighting positions in the artillery corps and command positions, “he added.

The gadn is a part of the artillery corps and personnel section visor
(אכ”א) in order to encourage the army recruitment in the next month are expected to take place for several events, including a meeting with youth school” as AJ “as part of” teen “paths route (link). in addition, held a meeting with teachers and teachers from schools in Be’er Sheva, where will information on IDF and artillery corps, so that they can pass it on to their students. “I hope that all these activities we can recruit people who would be better for the country and the army,” said Colonel Ben-Dov. “Every goal is to allay the concerns of Soloman and make them want to do meaningful service with the motivation to go on command.

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