Next generation of interceptors trained for war scenarios

One of the main units in the air defense forces combined with the next generation of battery commanders exercise. “Practice makes the best
The fighting, the commanders.

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מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Batteries of air defense command slices along Israel’s Northern State
To the South, and defend my country on standby, 24 hours, 7 days a week. But
As we know, there is no automatic trigger button, but members of the units themselves. The week is over two weeks old workout that simulates war of one of the main units in the air defense. Also participated in training apprentice course the batteries, or
The official “Advanced”, the device that controls the generation next batteries charged protection job
My name is Israel. The first participants in the course representatives from the iron dome system regularly
Unit training is conducted once a year with a single command, batteries
Hawk and who deploy and conduct during the engagement. A number of practice jumps,
Complex training, absorption and defensiveness in the North and South and Dima war. In addition, the unit provided assistance to two batteries in two different spaces. “This is a complex and important training, which prepares the best combat unit”, said Deputy Commander of the unit, Maj. dawn Nathanael, explaining that now better preparedness in all areas such as intercept axis, command and control and logistical support in.
Thus, only has support for advanced device, the battery commanders. In the course
Featuring dozens of apprentices each practiced Chief battery during battle procedure, namely getting battery intensive bolster. “In the course of a month and a half once a year and is considered the oldest course in the array. It includes all weapon systems, “said Maj. Netanel, adding that” we’re giving the assistance unit hook and diamond. The content taught in the course include theoretical discourse on
Leadership and command, when a dangerous future space operations into practice what they have learned.
“The role of the Commander of air defence battery were the central role today of a warrior in” officer, major Nathaniel noted, “this is the first of the officer is required to control a frame from top to bottom with warriors
Technicians and relatively young age, and he has to deal with many challenges. Major Nathaniel added that “Apart from dealing with operational axis, as Commander, b required for handle
Various bicarn complexities dealing with people, and their guidance alongside the demand for operational alert 24 hours a day. Eventually the battery Commander and provide operational outputs and the sky remains always clean, while maintaining acceptable norms and values. “

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