The summer assembly of the 20th Knesset`s second session will open on Sunday, May 22 and will conclude on August 7. The fist plenary session of the winter assembly will be held on Monday, May 23, with motions of no-confidence by parties from the opposition.

Following the debate on the no-confidence motions, the Plenum will mark Herzl Day with a special session that will include speeches by Knesset Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and opposition leader Isaac Herzog.

The upcoming assembly will feature a new parliamentary tool called ”Questions Hour.” As stated in the Knesset`s Rules of Procedure, the House Committee will designate 10 separate days per session during which the prime minister, or any other minister, will be summoned to the Plenum to answer questions. The PM, or any other minister, will not be summoned to answer questions more than once per session, and the opposition factions will have to announce, two weeks in advance, which minister will be summoned. At least 75% of the MKs asking the questions will be from the opposition. In addition, the number of no-confidence motions has been reduced from every week to 10 times per session.

The House Committee further determined that during the upcoming summer assembly, which will be shorter than usual, no more than five motions of no-confidence will be submitted, and only five ”Questions Hour” sessions will be held.