Next week: the return of military equipment

דובר צה”ל

The last time the return operation was conducted in the IDF regular soldiers and was a reserve in 2002 • return done anonymously and that will be exempt from punishment according to law.

תאריך: 17/08/2008, 00:01    
מחבר: אלעד שלו

Four years after the last operation to return equipment, will take place next week.
All IDF bases, fourth number to decrease the amount of missing IDF units equipment the operation underway as part of the Vice Chief of staff orders, major General Dan Harel and אט”ל, major general Danny Beaton.

Once every few years developed in a comprehensive operation to return equipment taken by serving as part of a regular service or their reserve and stay in their homes. “Military equipment found by civilians is illegal,” clarifies who is responsible for the operation, Captain Yaron 78. However, citizens who will return to their civilian bases to do so anonymously and will be exempt from punishment by law. Returns the equipment will return any opened centers
Israeli army bases and police stations to which the citizens. IDF command will be responsible for collecting and dividing it into various אט”ל centres, we destroy part and part return
By field units. If necessary adjust the citizen using dedicated vehicle call center which will call for the equipment.

“No military equipment, military equipment buying, so the operation can help including military budgetary standpoint,” explains Captain Ashley. On sale soon expected the largest quantity of returned items due to Israel’s unilateral disengagement plan and the second Lebanon war, which was attended by a large number of reservists, who took a lot of equipment. “Whenever
Crimson or fundraising, much equipment coming out of the reservoirs. The aim of the operation is to introduce
The awareness that it is legal to take the equipment home and is not necessary because the army did a task to upgrade emergency warehousing units, that guarantees the equipment people with recruitment, “said the inventory management officer, Khalid Wahab Abdullah.

The last time it was held in the returned $ 5 million, which included, inter alia, 173 firearms, hundreds of thousands of bullets and thousands of sets of fatigues.
The climax came in the form of a civilian building himself an army of one. Civil authority is military equipment worth million of dollars placed in three underground bunkers across the country.
The army officers who came to collect the equipment were surprised to find in bunkers, bombs, RPG, mortar shells, thousands of bullets and two anti-aircraft missiles. This time expect
The butt to multiply the amount of equipment to be returned to the IDF units. “People bring more equipment in operation, because they know they have new equipment in the cascade project who ‘ streams ‘,” says a report and bits.

Call Center for more information about the 24-hour operation: 03-5695788.


Translated from Hebrew