No iPhone or Galaxy: the practice of outward bound thing place connects you to the surface.

The clock is broken and the date has been unclear. So the trainers let defense cadets living in, in the Facebook generation

תאריך: 02/05/2012, 18:10    
מחבר: רוזה ליסנינסקי, ענף תקשורת, דובר צה”ל

New technologies enter the army, new roles are becoming
The increasingly central and soldiers – soldiers fit themselves. It is not easy, given the ease of the world provides: instant, everything available, and accessible. The soldier
Today acquires training the ability to disconnect. Thus found themselves in a נח”ל defense cadets in the midst of training a glide, which disconnected them from the comforts they first.

The soldiers ‘ commanders, to an intense workout that lasted about two weeks days. The training aims to connect the place defense cadets. “The first practice when the soldiers find themselves, without classes, without the known comfortable” services, that a number of company commander, battalion of Noah, 931 Deputy Shi. Indeed, the astonished boys found themselves sleeping on the ground, eating the food fight and survive.
“It’s not about technological age. The soldiers leave all the wonders of technology come and each class is assigned a single clock, “said company commander.

But also individual clock is reported we aim. “So the soldiers lose track of time. This is the first time that the soldiers on the ground and the integration difficult. Some are afraid of the field. But it’s challenging and they enjoy and it forges them “, says the Deputy.
He said the terrain allows the soldier to demonstrate its capabilities and show what you teach in training so far.
Outward bound thing week allows soldiers to show the strong side. “You find all the good soldier and the sides sides. Soldiers thought they were less powerful than their friends within they flourished. All of a sudden I find out which parties others. Is there a place to graze and willpower of the soldiers “.

During the training, the soldier learns to cope. The availability and convenience disappear and the soldiers work hard to achieve the targets placed. Deputy Company Commander Shi tuvia says that the practice is performed independently regardless of the coming “we command. Headquarters provides independence and ability to function, just like in war. “

Translated from Hebrew