No secret anymore: the Navy submarines גדנ”ע operator to find appropriate service personnel

Gadn week lasts through the week and includes actual stay on.
This year there has been an increase in the number of participants. Commander: the diver school subject infiltrates among

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מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

חיל הים

The submarine is the weapon of the IDF’s most precious, yet the tool on it.
What little information. The curtain too short depth of submarines, fighters
Who spend most of their time underwater. So how and why several high-school students were exposed to, when fell into the heart of water and technological wonder?
In recent years, is in the process of intensification of Navy, during which he is gearing up a new submarine fleet will increase to twice the force was Squadron 7. To this end, Navy officials were required to reinforce the forces of submarines, fighters recruits work begins before the draft.

After last year opened the first dedicated גדנ”ע for high school students, an increase in the number of applicants to reach gadn and in the Navy Department. “The goal is to expose the submarine flotilla teenagers at an early stage, when they have many options,” said the IDF site Commander, Maj. diver school.
Gadn activity proves its effectiveness. “This year has reached almost double amount compared to last year. After this week, you can see that kids are very pleased with the experience, and 80 percent of them arrive later for the submarines, “testified major.
The job.
To display the role which rarely can reveal details is not simple, and it is the central theme about working at school diver. “Our operations are classified this way is impossible to advertise our activities,” explained Maj. j. the difficulty inherent in matter. “However, we’re looking at the future and wish that the submarines will be distributed, and youth do it best. Besides the increase in u, we grow the number of campers, and it shows that the issue is percolating among the youth, “added another in the same subject.

During the week, passing the gadn cruises, day and night, and are exposed to a variety
Naval craft. The highlight is the encounter of campers at sea with the boat. Those responsible for gadn and transfer contents to students throughout the week are submarines, fighters who know the routine of life in a submarine up close and professional knowledge to operate.
In conclusion, he asked the Chief diver to invite young people to formulate and define what you are looking for in the Navy. “We’re looking for guys, people values of teamwork and professionalism, all we have left is to format them to simulate the diver,” said major.  “These people we want to see us, and these are the people who perform them live in u.”

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