Noah fighters practiced war: “ready to order?”

הלוחמים בתרגיל, השבוע. צילום: דובר צה”ל

For five days we place fighters in favor of raising the qualification and improving preparedness. The exercise, held in the Golan from surprise and included full cooperation with tanks, artillery and fighter training tangle

תאריך: 16/02/2013, 20:15    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Nahal Brigade fighters completed divisional practice in the Golan Heights, which included special acts began. Last Saturday the okapzzo all the soldiers to exercise in an attempt to simulate the scenario of “bouncing”. Troop Commander, Lieutenant Colonel granite oshik Azoulay, told IDF website that “the Division, that the operation” pillar “of its readiness level, is currently on alert to perform each task.

For five days the fighters recognized the Hill lay the vertebrae of the tze’elim training through the legs. In the current exercise, the soldiers passed a number of acts, including a long foot traffic with heavy weights, assault and occupation of villages, wet, full cooperation exercises with tanks, artillery, mortars and combat engineering practice warfare target tangle, fortified underground targets, and tunnels.

Noah fighters practiced war: “ready to order?”


The catch Dima integrated combat fighters with tanks. Lieutenant Colonel Azoulay commented that “our desire is to create strong departments in charge of independent and professional Hitman who strive to accomplish the task and contact with the enemy.” The Mag said any changes were in order “matching requirements and professional capabilities of the Division and officers meet, what is needed in the modern battlefield and having any enemy State.”

“Our goal in this exercise was to examine and Regiment prepared for war, Lieutenant Colonel azulai,” to do so, both to exercise increasing eligibility and readiness of the regiment and Division, which began on Saturday, sauté all the fighters and commanders from home. ”
The goal, according to the Mag, was, when all soldiers are at home, how soon will the base daily. The result was satisfactory-most soldiers came to top speed.

“No fighter who started the exercise and not finish it, which is one of the most outstanding achievements of the” buzzard “, said Lieutenant Colonel azulai,” the Division is required to be available at any given moment.
She must be ready to fight anywhere outside the country, whether in the field or mountain desert, within the village or city, and practice “. Lieutenant Colonel Azoulay added that “all means of destruction and Division should be eligible, and f about her now, with high morale and fighting spirit and ready to perform every task in the best possible way. Given command could be anywhere and any time, quickly and with deadly force.

Translated from Hebrew