North OC: “Golani Brigade ready for mission”

עצרת גולני, אמש. צילום: עומר סלע, דובר צה”ל

Golani Brigade has held an annual Rally marked 40 years of Yom Kippur. The Commander of northern command, Gen. Yair Golan, said the Division relies on sophistication.
Unprecedented technological and tactical ability “

תאריך: 07/04/2013, 09:42    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

Golani brigade commanders and fighters participated last night (Wednesday) at the Assembly of the Division, this year marked 40 years since the Yom Kippur war.
The Assembly opened in the presence of Deputy Chief-of-staff, major general Gadi eisencott, the Northern Command Major General Yair Golan, Commander Brigadier General volcano Tamir Hayman and Golani Brigade Commander, Col. Yaniv. Also honored with their presence also hunt division commanders and warriors of the past.

Speaking from the northern command Chief, Gen. Yair Golan, said that 40 years ago the registration Division one magnificent heroic episodes. Since that war, the Golani Brigade became the Division strong army lives on the perimeter, weapons and especially
In spirit. Spirit is the spirit of determination, Golani determination, audacity and meeting all mission “.

North OC: “Golani Brigade ready for mission”

The rally last night. “You don’t move here Golani” fighter

Col. Yaniv, who finished the first sleep now in his role as Commander of the Division, contact Division veterans who attended the rally and thanked them for their. “Forty years ago, the earth shook. Golani, with the strength of spirit, and realize her mission, to exercise their responsibility and commitment to the protection and security of its people. Against wave attack, Golani fighters clung in basalt and drowned the password you don’t pass, this Warrior Golani. 73 fighters ‘ naval heroes in gbortchm and humility, our heritage and tradition.
Throughout the State, wherever it takes the values and spirit of well-worn books on hand during the Yom Kippur war will be a candle to our feet, “he said.

Golani rally held in annual Tom busy period, when just last week completed the large-scale regimental exercise, fighters in the northern region.
Referring to this, said Gen. Golan: “I saw you on operational activities and training level
And in other sectors. All I saw I can determine unequivocally and doomed — Golani Brigade is an elite division that can and is ready for any mission, anywhere, anytime and in any situation. Is the most powerful punch in which relies on staff professional, skilled commanders and soldiers armed with faith. In this accompanying measure of tactical sophistication, and unprecedented technological capability “.

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