North OC: orta Hezbollah but still filled with bad

מפקד פצ”ן, האלוף יאיר גולן, בטקס אמש. צילום: ליטל פרי, דובר צה”ל

In a ceremony to commemorate the fallen of the second Lebanon war, said Gen. Golan achievements “impossible not to recognise the class war in the relative quiet that is today in Israel.”

תאריך: 31/07/2013, 22:17    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

A ceremony to commemorate the fallen of the second Lebanon war was held today at Memorial mount. The ceremony was attended by the Deputy Chief of staff, major general Gadi eisencott, OC
The North, Gen. Yair Golan.

Gen. Yair Golan said at the ceremony that “in relation to the State seven years ago, Hezbollah will be better equipped, better trained and much more cautious. He challenged, fought in Syria, continues to be a central element in the axis of evil, and continues to see Israel there to devil. Hezbollah is orta orta, but still busy “.

פצ”ן Commander stressed the Hezbollah buildup of Iran, saying that” Iran, too, is here present and up to more than ever before, and right on our borders. In Lebanon, she builds power at an unprecedented level of involvement. In Syria, it is still advises, equips, obscure and influences “. In addition, said Gen. sees rise in current global Jihad in the region while also tackling, in Syria and Gaza.

“We are in a situation of relative quiet between regional changes are difficult,” said northern command Commander regarding the war in 2006. “This relative quiet for many reasons, but impossible not to meet in the second Lebanon war, and its contribution to achieving peace. Over the past seven years, we enjoy a prosperous North and blooms.

Gen. Golan said that this is the result of the sacrifices of fighters and commanders. ”
The idea in both is not with us. This silence has been achieved thanks to their courage and their lives.
Today we sours and hurting them and stain. Today we also proud and amazed given courage, devotion, and their talents.

Referring to the current status of the command, said Gen. Yair Golan, “northern command is a powerful command, and artist. Lessons learned war exercises were, filled with warehouses and we have many plans. I hope that we will succeed to continue in
The improving and perfecting, we continue to build and to deter, and will continue to ensure that lessons learned will be obtained blood guideline and standard power building and running as one. “

Translated from Hebrew