Northern command displays: improving in the locations section

צילום: דובר צה”ל

Spatial mapping and routes, adding sniper positions on northern command is preparing for any scenario and the renovation plan agreement. “Best emergency response measured in the job the lowest resolutions.”

תאריך: 12/09/2015, 14:45    
מחבר: נטע צ’חנובסקי, אתר צה”ל

A large-scale programme of renovation and found improvement of northern command posts for the war ended and was signed on a tour of the northern command Chief General stationed in sector. From sniper positions to strengthen the smallest screw. c, all placed measured and tested thoroughly. “Best emergency response measured in the job the lowest resolutions,” explained Brigade logistics officer, major 300 AVI Malka. “The details are the difference between the loss to triumph.”

The preparations began four months ago, when each week conducted audits of company commanders to senior commanders in charge. Logistics with the values placed on shielding and camouflage, snipers, observation and penetration lanes were closed and hidden entrance routes were established. Lighting system in the dark areas and the fighting, heavy weaponry and posted new, emergency warehouses and ammunition organized and updated threats. Also the aspect–invested efforts; Painting soldiers ‘ rooms, clubs, adding that fences placed power outlets with an emphasis on cleanliness, organization and order.

“Improving the quality of life of soldiers stationed leads directly to better performance in space”, said major. “The State sector has changed 180 degrees. If tomorrow war breaks out, there is no doubt that all edit post better. The plan is not the finish line but always process opening shot that must exist in any current security measures regularly. We should think how to improve, always to surprise the enemy and protect ourselves in case or in the next war. “

Preparations took part many hands and held full cooperation between the Division for the different divisions Pictionary. “Each company contributed its share in investment was large. Connection is established between soldiers stationed where they live, shared a company commander in the Division’s battalion 50 resting Captain Amit Bodenheimer. “I enjoy seeing the soldiers guarding the post because I really care, not just because it is what is required of them. Ultimately, the goal is not to defend the post, but the settlements, and the investment is part of it. “

Translated from Hebrew