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הרמטכ”ל גנץ משקיף על גבול הצפון, ביום שישי האחרון. צילום: דובר צה”ל

The preparations for the Earth Day events included relying on collecting
Real-time intelligence with soldiers of the time. We Upstate joined soldiers for staging troops complete each scenario

תאריך: 31/03/2012, 20:57    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

Despite the high alert declared due to the preparations for the Earth Day events planned for the last week, IDF forces in the North left the holding,
Without exceptional events. Who discovered alertness and vigilance were combat intelligence collection, soldiers who continued to observe the enemy and translate collected information, real-time information.

The northern region was quiet last night. The IDF in Metulla its forces along the Lebanese border, waiting for something big. The fear was that thousands of Lebanese protesters, according to media reports, do 12 miles of steep Cape Beaufort across the Israeli border and try to break it. In fact, the demonstration was far from the border, remains confident.

Northern eye eye

Seagull battalion fighters of combat intelligence collection Corps, positioned themselves for a while on a post which overlooks South Lebanon. Elaborate visual medium, thermal cameras and various means amazing quality are those elements which help to collect soldiers to know everything that’s going on in them of our soldiers cannot.

The Commander of the post, don’t sleep for 20 hours in preparation for the task. Despite the fatigue,
And professionalism in no position becomes corrupted. Already in the early morning hours, the monitoring of what is happening in South Lebanon. Lebanon Army watch when he overcomes his forces and deploying them across the border. 9 the demonstrators only began to be collected up Mt. Beaufort, but the Warriors
The combat intelligence collection has been reported for troops in the field. The media reported thousands of protesters, but the IDF knew with good data collection is on Exhibit 1.
Only when Hezbollah flags waved, Palestine and Lebanon and which lent 40-.

These buses are designed according to the suspicion, the protesters from the Summit to set
The border and could pose a challenge to Israeli forces, therefore, from that moment on, any movement of the bus’s suspicion of collecting. The work at the gathering is done in shifts in order to maintain full service. In order to be a soldier fissile and during the entire task, he receives a thorough review of the situation at any time directly with the rise in position. Also in the afternoon, when it’s time to eat dinner.
The sun comes to the position in order not to have to leave it at those stages of the event.

Intelligence reports at any given time on the progress made in Lebanon, protesters gathering to bus traffic – worth sweeping most of the sector. This is the work of
The combat intelligence collection on the border. They know every house and garden in southern Lebanon object to the pixels. It’s hard to imagine the powers function without their “eyes on the ground.

Translated from Hebrew