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The women serving in roles that were previously growing male • 90 percent of IDF roles open to women today that more and more join the army Warrior • a rectangular parmadikith, Warrior and combat search and rescue company, tell about the hardships, the satisfaction and responses from society • special project in honor of international women’s day

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מחבר: אלעד שלו ואמיר כידון

Was very hot. Of those extra summer days the search by room both square feet and a number of non-air-con becomes routine. Slender body M-16 type weapons, which vest and chemical cartridges, and weighs one-fifth of the weight. Hands holding a map and eyes can’t see beyond. It was the first time it was a feeling of helplessness. She broke down. “I just remember that I called my father cried and said: ‘ Dad, I can’t quite. You have no idea how I got his answer. He told me: ‘ so take your legs and go. In the end
It’s effect. I said to myself: ‘ what’s going on, I’m going to finish the navigation, I don’t give up, and certainly not two weeks before the course. I like big. Two weeks I מ”כית …”

This was the only time her broken little alter סמ”ש, majestic Warrior מ”מצפה ADI “.
The army enlisted in late August 2006, and simple arithmetic, and signed to extend the service for three years, was expected to take four months media. “So what,
The third year was going to be a waitress, “she says. “I preferred to contribute at least another year, I’ll do something good.

The irotan of the fairer sex in roles that require physical congestion, pikodies and leadership, many routinely IDF positions in the last decade. Women constitute 24 percent today from an IDF officer, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel and Brigadier General ranks in recent years there has been a drastic fall in the number of women who join banked ל”מוסד”, and today to say with pride that 90 percent of all roles in the military are open to women, and that 2.5 percent of Israeli women serve in combat roles.
The IDF is also the only military recruiter women security service law and therefore the rate of women is the highest compared to other foreign armies in the world, about 34 percent of all women are slaves. ” There’s always someone who bends his nose when he sees girls on the ground, “indicates
My work, rectangular corporal in the unit “sting”. “But we will prove ourselves every time and the fact that requests get units to help them.”

From where does this desire to be combat-

“It comes from a place to avoid sitting around doing nothing,” says סמ”ש little alter.
“I have friends that are actually”, and they suffer enough. They have controls that tell them what to do and what not to do, there is little room for increasing security and do things for yourself just get lost. I didn’t want it; Want to control myself because
It also wanted to be commanded מ”כית and fighters on the ground.”

סמ”ש little alter:” it came from a place to avoid sitting around doing nothing. “

“It’s in the genes”, corporal work. “My sister was a fighter אב”כ and I knew I had to prove myself and show that there is nothing I can’t do. ” Lieutenant Kostas Jordan, who was supposed to join the first Krav Maga instructor role but insisted on joining the combat role and was the first woman combatant hatgiisa search and rescue training with boys, admits that the challenge was too big to refuse. “I want every night and practice to meet the requirements. More from an early age I was kind
‘ Tom boy ‘ and the army gave me the first opportunity to evolve beyond the jungle fighter towards real and challenging combat. ” Noa Goldman DS also catered for about two years as a parmadikith unit in the Jordan Valley area knew, according to her, “good where I’m going.” “Before the military volunteered at Magen David Adom and always knew that I play well in stressful situations. During an event like an officer and treat me as a top medical authority shbchoachi the crucial decisions between life and death. “

“At home, I combat.”

The most common prejudices about women in combat roles-an inability to integrate, physical consequences that are not able to do the job properly and the power interruption, contradicting the girls one by one. The nuchal the stigmas in the simplest way, “says Lieutenant Kostas. “To be better than anyone at any position you do.” Indeed, from the company recruits from the way to being the first woman Chief of search and rescue company course-all role line ended in Jordan. Even came to be one of the only girls in the class, guts, “Blade” Lieutenant Kostas challenges and meander the side navigation cadets, and ended there as ה”מופת parish”.

“I knew that if I didn’t do my best and I won’t transition requirements, not courses rather than operational tours,” she notes. “When I’m on the ground and bouncing the boys already know who to trust and respect me for that.”

My work: “corporal I do less work best for the fighter.

For the chlbnit, professionalism and responsibility is manifested every day in her job as a cargo barrier tests with lvata, “Beastie”, who trained for sniffing and detecting explosives. “Every time I walk into a force that knows me they look me in the eye start curve.
But I proved myself every time and doing no less good than the fighter. On her colleagues lead the warriors do not alter profit. “Don’t look at me like the receptionist, but when one of us made the same basic and
Him from class. I qualified as a second gunner 2008. My brother was drafted recently and he did basic training. It’s gotten to the point in my fireplace I combat. “

Warrior woman is equal to man a warrior?

“I have the desire and motivation to follow fighters,” says alter view סמ”ש. “I don’t mean to be a boy, I will cherish, and important to me and I look to be like all the girls. But you can combine it: being a woman and being a warrior. I really like the stigma of all warriors “ג’אבריות”: look at me, I weigh 55, I’m cute and low. But I believe in equality. If Ben can do basic training hard for four months, so girls and what I tell my legions: give the ability to control them and to control them in boot camp and tell them what to do. There’s no way I’m going to go and tell me to stay in the car because you’re a girl. “

“The army and the role that is me,” added bluntly: Noa. “I’ve seen and done things that have shaped me as a person. If I look at the service in retrospect I
Know that even three years and four months wasn’t enough for me and that medicine is my route down the road. ” Corporal Shelley believes that girls can reach every army duty with faith and a lot of investment. “Even if I don’t sign, mine got.
I’m doing something I love and feel like he gives and if there’s anything the army taught me that.
The knowing that in the future I want to work in a challenging position, not necessarily the scale
With the roles defined in the company of women. “


Sgt. Noa Goldman: “the power to get the crucial decision between life and death.”


Don’t Rambo and blood game

The four girls are an indication that the fighting in irotan these positions is not amusement park, and they have different difficulties, many of them related to the fact that they are women.
“My company work most of the time as a normal infantry company for all intents and purposes”,
Lieutenant Kostas. During one of our tours in the Gaza perimeter fence in Qalqilya began to fire automatic fire on us from several directions. I, I was the only girl on the tour, I
The event, where I ordered to respond with fire and eventually finding away safely and no casualties. ” Difficult moments were when a 3 cm Noa her patients died during treatment. “It’s not easy when people die you. After each one I thought if I did everything I could and finally realized that should be real and always have something to do “.

The physical differences between women and men, little can’t deny. “I won’t say there are no difficulties. It is true that there are physical force than white, you see the differences. What
Boys can carry for so long I’m. For navigation I get it, and those who were with me were, and saw it, and told me to!. Right?
I’m a girl and I’m a fighter, but I’m no Rambo. “

After we agreed that Rambo, you still believe that girls can fit even in Golani and paratroopers brigades like?

“I think the Israeli fighters need, they can give a lot, even things that white people can’t,” says alter. “We can also control, it is part of our nature. I’m glad you introduced us to Meg, Caracal, and search and rescue aircraft, I believe that with the years we get also the divisions alive, there are girls that fits them and those who don’t fit. There are girls that suits them and clerical suits them to be warriors.
If someone say I want, and see that it fits, is successful and she gets even. It all depends on desire. “


Translated from Hebrew