Not just pilots – also new operators undergo strict medical sorts

Applicants to serve as non-aircraft operators are staffed pass a series of tests to check their competence to operate the complicated tools • air force explain:
“We need to prepare the best candidates according to the physiological complexities required”

תאריך: 13/03/2008, 21:17    
מחבר: אלעד שלו

A medical profession ion to aircraft operators in non-staffed (n) is currently being tested by the medical unit of the air force (ירפ”א). So far most of the new members were recruited from among the class members, and past medical sorts that match running these tools.

Currently, the medical unit formulate of the air force medical criteria that they be candidates for the job, similar to those for the mtmiinim, who will be the candidates under the abilities required of them, including koaordinatzia, Division of running simultaneous tools and spatial vision. “He went flying theme
Critical to the functioning of the air force in enemy territory in the 2000s, “the medical officer of the air force, Colonel Erez Barenboim. “We must prepare candidates
The best according to the physiological complexities required in this role.

At the same time, these days, the air force will move to encourage pilots to report changes in their health. Many pilots prefer not to report medical problems that occur during the service, fearing that a role be suspended until a solution of the problem.
Fly decided to Flex the back of pilots for flights so that medical incidents in the past were not allow to flights, like heart problems, will not prevent to the extent possible the pilot to return to duty. Our challenge is to produce pilots for security atmosphere, afraid to go to the doctor once there is a change in their health, “said Colonel Barenboim,” Although there is a constant tension between allowing as much as possible to get back and take care of safety of flights, but there is room for a hagmsha return flight “criteria.


Translated from Hebrew