Not only the Orthodox: 669 rescued dozens of Palestinians

Viewed: “netzah Yehuda battalion, the regiment that dominates the northern Samaria area, many rescue tasks pop-up due to stormy weather. Three Palestinians were saved from drowning,
And 30 kids rescued from drifting. “Not human” were arrested.

תאריך: 10/01/2013, 11:46    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

At the heart of the storm going on throughout the country, called last night (Tuesday), “netzah Yehuda Battalion soldiers” Kfir Brigade to the Creek, following information that several Palestinians who were stuck in the silt of the river when they were in danger of drowning. Power was instead rescued successfully the three Palestinians and self-harm by medical treatment.

“Yesterday in the 7 pm we got a call that there were people who got stuck in the river erosion.
When we got to the point we saw a number of people trapped in vehicles, including children, “said Commander
The company that came to the rescue, Captain place ADIA Hazani. “We tried to rescue them.
On foot but couldn’t as they were far from Greece, bands and the River reached a depth of two
And went and increased, “he said. The Palestinian car was a 1966 and decided to attack in force. “He came in and saw that one vehicle was empty of people and we
Scan to make sure there are no people who drowned. The other vehicles were found, rescued three people, “said m.

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Captain Hasani said that having ten soldiers, Palestinians stood on the roofs of cars and were in danger of drowning. “We got them one by one, together with the Palestinians, and had shoplist frightened”, said, noting that on the way back, the shople itself was in danger of sinking as the entire road Greece collapsed under extreme weather conditions. After the successful rescue of Palestinians received treatment by חטמ”ר תאג”ד, who came to the scene.

Meanwhile, the decision about the character accepted.
“I realized that it is people who are in real danger, and saw that the stream flow is increasing and that it is a few minutes ‘ distinguish between life and death,” he said, “we took a risk that a small number of people under very difficult weather conditions,
But there was no choice. ” Captain Hasani added that “in the end we have military responsibility for territory of Greece we are sovereign. It doesn’t matter who was stuck in such event.
Humanity is not arrested “.

Following the stormy weather the okapzzo task forces, including case
It was left crippled Palestinian alone inside a car at night, it pulled out troops and additional events like extracting the 30 children who got stuck in the silt, two cars and an ambulance rolling around in a ditch, and another Israeli Arab vehicles stuck. “Eventually.
Those who work hard and do your tasks properly are the soldiers, who are in a position in this weather event pop-up, thus maintaining state security, “concluded Captain Hazani.

Translated from Hebrew