Nothing can stop פלס”ר 401 fighters headed for CAP

37 קילומטרים של בוץ ויזע. צילום: איתי רונזטל, דובר צה”ל

Not even the cold and the mud of the Golan Heights, in the wee hours of the night. This is the first time that the existing level fighters beret quest, 37 km long

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מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

For the first time: the value of פלס”ר 401 fresh journey way beret
Committee, which marked the entry to the desired unit. 37 km route through the green landscapes of the Golan Heights, they marked another milestone in its transformation into a full-fledged warriors.
The Commander of the training company of the said level before going a long way, and alongside
Contemporary challenges expect significant service warriors and challenging.

As mentioned above, how it’s been the only fighters beret quest when the Division Defense cadets joined Noah, whom Greece had boot phase and initial training. And now, for the first time raised the level only, when graduation stood around the only fighters, along with the black beret, her waiting to see from the moment of recruitment. The journey started warriors
Jewish junction, where the plateau with stretchers, up to the dome, and then the Eagles went the route that ended at the camp, where they awaited the only fighters.


Nothing can stop פלס”ר 401 fighters headed for CAP


“Export the journey fell exactly on the stormy weather last week, the coldest rainy night a week,” said the company commander, Lt. Yuval qualifications. “We just know how to level mud produce, along with constant rain and finally the Warriors got over all the difficulties and the journey, shbsiomo wanted the last meters with old warriors, accompany them in poems. Lieutenant LaVie noted that the journey was the dawn of fresh fighters to the unit for the first time, and now they are no longer a stranger to come נח”ל body but an essential part of the unit, now begins the course. “The fact that they were only on for the first time separated from the others, is significant because it’s been a journey intimately, faced difficulties as a team, and that’s what defines finally a team of fighters,” said m.

Meanwhile, Deputy to bring that level Warrior 401 expectations, and specialize in subjects.
“A very strong connection binding level. We are only dealing with the subject.
In many way, therefore, we must be connected to ground, to analyze, to know how to navigate, astvat, nature and living space. To the basic elements that are expressed strongly in the operational level tasks, they won’t be able to detail, clarifies that in addition, noted the Deputy LAVI fighter to be a soldier with a head on
The shoulders and is willing to work with all the means, and that there is a challenge in that they are part of Division 401-“the sweetest days, Technology Division
Which requires us to fill the gap when warriors legs quickly. Today rely more on computers and technical equipment, if not be sharp and work fast, our work would not be relevant.


Nothing can stop פלס”ר 401 fighters headed for CAP


Now, saluted the fighters recruit training and initial training comes נח”ל, expect a long and arduous path, that will be in the field missions and levels. The Warriors
Navigate throughout the country, from North to South, carried many weights, will study the issue and cover the area through the legs. In addition it will be weeks to combat
In describing as an open area, a built-up area and observation and tangled, weeks tour, and learn
The subject of intelligence gathering. Also, note that the level from is days.
Those at the beginning of the Golan Heights, after intensive operational employment in Samaria, where the Warriors, “produce of IAI activities relating
At the end of our operational role. If we ran routine operational activities, we decided to do it under certain conditions and in a way that will train us in war.


Translated from Hebrew