OC Central command: expect more large and complex missions.

ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

Gen. Nitzan Alon met with soldiers who Excel in 2013 and spoke to them about the value and importance of their contributions to the IDF, “our strength is the human race.”

תאריך: 03/03/2013, 12:32    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Excellence President and General of the Army Central command for 2013 met today (Sunday) for the first time unique day held for them, OC Central command, Maj.-Gen. Nitzan Alon. “The IDF central command and all other expected tasks
Large, complex, and the command’s ability to resist depends on the action of each. If any one will do the job and a little beyond, and the entire army command are critical, “said IDF major general site.

Gen. Alon, meeting with students, chatting with them and told them that, “any of you man
Special which made its true and now estimate. He noted that he believes
That stems from a combination of aacetiinot properties, each of you doing beyond what you might expect from him in Office, if the military aspect and the social aspect, and you make
The IDF command and why he and allow him to withstand the tasks. Each of you is sweeping men and followed a few controls, makes a very large contribution to talk. “

Meanwhile, the champion told the IDF website that “the fact that a soldier doing beyond what is required, is also a professional example and how being in a world of values and the ability to see things beyond his role as combined professional experience, is what makes it outstanding soldier in central command.

In addition, noted that “Waitin’, periods with few challenges as a result of changes in the strategic environment and operational. The thing that will allow us to meet these challenges is for your work with ה”קצת beyond” you’re doing today. “

General Alon said that it was a significant activity and the contribution expected starts in the home of the honors program, and world wide cache values. “I hope we will continue to take forward your assignments for the IDF and the State of Israel. I expressed much appreciation is far beyond the day and know that the quality advantage of central command is the human race, “he said.

Translated from Hebrew