OC Southern command: “Bedouin warriors doing Holy work.

הטקס, שבוע שעבר. צילום: גדי ימפל וליטל פרי, דובר צה”ל

Gen. turgeman gave degrees for honors officers witness their Bedouin “and subvert their intentions thwarted numerous attacks” contact

תאריך: 19/04/2013, 16:00    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

The ceremony for outstanding officers and soldiers the Bedouin members
Held last week in the presence of Commander Southern command, Aluf Sami turjeman. At the ceremony, which was held
Independence day of Israel, 65th participated gentlemen the Bedouin community and Bedouin mayors.

“Throughout the country fought soldiers: Jews, Muslims, Christians, and Chelsea, by land, air and sea, in order to ensure the security of the State, its citizens and its sovereignty,” he said in the speech, Sami turgeman. “Over the past year to u.s. Southern command fighters and reserves present in Gaza hour challenges
And the western border of the State. “

Gen. turgeman said that “the Bedouins throughout the IDF do Holy work at all borders and in particular in the professional ability and dedication, desire for striving for the fighting in Gaza and the Sinai border prevented and thwarted a few פח”ע events.

The Mao: “let the Bedouin soldiers for integration in society”

“Even in the 65 to independence the State tests and challenges we face are growing pains. The task of defending the southern borders and curbing the threat from Gaza about us and we are ready for any challenge, “explained the champion. “We need you, your commitment to professionalism and contributing a lot.

“Bedouins in the Gaza Division contribute to security as any soldier Division, told IDF Gaza Division Commander site, Brig. Gen. Mickey Edelstein. “There are not other professions as they Scout unit. When I look at the defense because it has a Division I see tremendous value and it’s unique contribution.

OC Southern command: “Bedouin warriors doing Holy work.

One of the top honors. The point of ADA-Bedouin Sunday pilot

In addition, Brig. Gen. Edelstein that Division think giving the Bedouin soldiers the tools they need to integrate into society, even after discharge. “we invest in the development of civilian capabilities, for example by the educated,” said Mao.

Gentlemen seemed excited about community stand, and said they aim to boost integration
The Bedouin not only Scout unit in the desert, but Geddes in all IDF units, and set themselves a goal – Bedouin Sunday pilot.

Translated from Hebrew