Ocean, air and land: thus rendering the enemy forces North

לוחמי גולני מדמים את החיזבאללה. צילום: דובר צה”ל

When it comes to the northern sector, whether hostile or countries
Terrorist organization-the importance of imaginary enemy is crucial. The Red forces of the IDF

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מחבר: רתם קליגר, אתר צה”ל


In the IDF, who is training in the air and on land, next to the existing power-trainee “red power”. The role of power is to simulate the enemy and thus achieve high level of realistic oil art. When it comes to the northern sector, whether in Lebanon or Syria – hostility – or the terrorist organization Hizbullah, the importance
Imaginary enemy ‘ is critical to the success of the exercise.

New training method-forces instead of image Director

The main focus of the training as the Northern outline the training base of northern command (a) Eliakim. “The soldier has no real operational experience until he comes to fight, no matter how hard and strong, he’s training,” explains רמ”ד the guerrillas came Eliakim, Maj. Oren in destroyed. “We’re trying to simulate the Lebanese village area and use pyrotechnics as explosions and shells image when”.

Ocean, air and land: thus rendering the enemy forces North

Reduce the element of surprise. Photo: IDF

A few months ago, she began to develop an improved method came Eliakim that simulates an enemy, rather than directing it. “What happened to this day that I am Director together with, for example, intelligence officer who ordered the troops what to do at any given moment. This is not conduct
Challenging enough for the troops and allows them to know in depth the enemy whom they stand “, major in destroyed. “We have developed a method that the company commanders that simulates the force accept books that teach them about the enemy, and they are moving the company studies so they can play the enemy of true acquaintance of operation”.

The initial pilot of the new training method conducted training of the Golani Brigade
A few weeks ago. The unit’s company “transfer preparation of Walnut three weeks in advance,
To the North the best. “The combination of familiarity with the field commanders and the fighting, along with intelligence on the enemy, make them better players and reduce the element of surprise that can damage the emergency fighters, said Maj. in destroyed.

To observe the enemy and act accordingly.

Unlike the land forces, the air force ordered force exists that aim is to be ‘ red force ‘-the Red Squadron. It is responsible for preparing all the RAF squadrons
Per day, and is doing so through the simulations simulate the situations they encounter in the battlefield. Existing large training squadron with directed enemy every few weeks. “Our enemy is smart, and easy to get into his head and try to act like he was running,” explains Lieutenant squadron leader, major a.

The Red squadron in Northern catch of contours. “Usually when the outline, most of the work is performed by the officers directing the ground enemy. They charge the batteries image missiles and enemy squads, “says major. “Training pilots should notice it and act accordingly.”

Beside ship becomes an enemy.

The maritime sector too, the enemy is critical in the qualification. The biggest challenge of staging the enemy during the range is wide and many scenarios that may occur. For each unit there is a sea arm its enemy, so
Directing the enemy changed between units. “Fin” unit “is used as a utility for them training, Commander of the unit at the base, Capt. White fellow. “We have fast and small tools that can simulate fishing boats, and our warriors can simulate divers into shore, as the pests during Ethan.” Cliff

The purpose of the image is central to divers examine alertness warriors in battle or in sets. “Usually the fin unit soldiers ‘ jump out of the boat, and the Warriors in ships should note,” Captain white. “After a while, a few other divers come up onto the beach, as if it swam all the way there.”

Ocean, air and land: thus rendering the enemy forces North

Who is the enemy? Photo: IDF

But not only divers during all of the parties vis-à-vis security, each female bees in various scenarios. “The commanders coordinate among themselves who will resemble the red power on each exercise, and then the rest of the ships should find it and reset character on purpose and impact”, says the Commander, Capt. base bees dawn directed.

Translated from Hebrew