Of which: in Greece continue developing laser-based technologies

צילום: עמית שלומוביץ’

The laboratory of experimental lasers in GoC army headquarters, continues to promote and develop the field of laser is used widely in the IDF – and exact observation targets.

תאריך: 05/11/2012, 14:22    
מחבר: עומר פרלמן-שטריקס, מז”י

The unit of GoC Army Headquarters continues to develop the technologies currently in use by the IDF, the domain allows exact and observation purposes. נס”א subordinate to inland Technology Division (חט”ל), also operates laser lab which promotes futuristic technology with the army.

All the lab are physicists and engineers, or IDF academic reserve employees, who hold degrees in the field and spend day and night to study. “Laser systems are all
The areas “, determines major Abraham Ohayon, Optronics.
“The use of laser is divided into two main areas. Forex, laser rangefinder, in tanks and observation and with his help we can measure distances to determine coordinates. The laser sighting system harms the body and back, so you can calculate how much the body and where it is exactly. The second area is less common
And he’s laser markers, especially in shooters, this is the light we know the film is listed on the aim of shooting “.

The IDF is convinced that laser technology development continues to flourish. “The goal is to make the tool useful laser in other areas and to improve the effectiveness of this tool as much as possible,” says Maj. Abdul.

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