Ombudsman: address soldiers for every soldier, every personal failure?

נציב קבילות החיילים, האלוף (במיל’) יצחק בריק. צילום: “במחנה”

Major General (Ret.) Yitzhak brick, is IDF bouncer who is considered one of the anzivim activist who knew, says that he is “running out of national mission and promise: I think I know how to work. Special interview

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מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Major General (Ret.) Yitzhak brick was all his life a real rioner.
In October 1973, at the same time sets the entire country from the war, his tank was hit during fighting across the Straits, and he himself was severely wounded. Courage and leadership that has gym-who refused was then company tanks, major, to evacuate. Instead, stormed toward the Suez Canal in order to get tanks and casualties.
Two years later he was awarded the Medal of courage from the Ribbon, then Lieutenant General Mordechai Gur late these days, Ribbon, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, the miner. The company’s tanks with exceptional leadership capacity continues to stick with it, from a mission.
During the Yom Kippur war fought Gen. (Ret.) Rick to win and is currently working to eradicate phenomena that are contrary to the values, rules and orders of the IDF and the State of Israel. As Ombudsman soldiers (נקח”ל), General (Ret.) Rick is still real control.

The Commission, the body established in 1972, soldiers to allow soldiers, family members and 2007 also to security service (Lesh), oppose or
Unjust act demanding to prosecute a thorough check of the matter and will be resolved. The get was none other than Lt. General (Ret.) Chaim laskov, who was Chief of staff of the IDF’s fifth Commissioner is appointed by the Minister with the approval of the Foreign Affairs Committee.
The Knesset’s security and is obliged to submit an annual report on their work. However, the Commissioner is independent and it is the duty of the Court to serve others. “It puts me broad statutory powers and Chief,
Maj. Gen. (RES). Recommendation, may be severe, and the IDF is obliged to execute it. “The only one who can step in and change the recommendation is the reigning Chief,” says Gen. (RES), but an indication that disclosure since the establishment of the Commission until today never happened.

“My goal is to improve to an army.

Ombudsman, or Gen. (Ret.), deals with all areas of baniinam brought to Parallels. “The decisions are made after treating soldiers and equivalents of controls. Penalties ranging from repairing the situation on the ground until the decline of values and normative issues controls when they pass the bar the normative values, “explained Gen. (Ret.) Rick. He said dozens of completed job
For this reason.

More tools in his possession he נקח”ל indicatiit” serious event happens with a commander and a place where the treatment process will be accompanied by a note in his personnel throughout the service, we mention it. It can stem from violence, and that expression is not in place, sometimes with racial and professional negligence is difficult. Some commanders have finished their duties and this led to their departure from the Israel Defense Forces, Gen. (Ret.) Rick. With determination and commitment is admirable, Gen. (Ret.) Rick handles anyway as its hardware. “In severe cases, I say things emphasis rather than contracted. I favor the deal right before my eyes, in order to improve things for the sake of the soldiers and the IDF commanders, “says Colonel (Ret.) Rick and adds that” my goal is that the Israeli army would be better. When I see black or malfunctions, request reaffirmed forgiving, and I’m running straight, without interests.

In one case I encountered serious Commissioner, he was introduced to medical malpractice.
A soldier who served in the South a Scorpion stung, but handling was flawed from beginning to end. “According to the procedures and commands such a situation requires immediate emergency room, removing Gen. (Ret.) Rick all deliberation. Because some of the tests were normal, standard
The doctor hurried to bring the soldier to the emergency room, and early night already swollen leg completely. “The miracle from significant worsening in his condition,” explained. In another case, the Commissioner for soldier’s equivalent to dry hard mode to atrial, before heading to the emergency room. “The doctor leaves him at the hospital waiting for a healthcare deal him, unattended, on his way back to base while driving informed about the condition of the soldier who lost consciousness and was hospitalized in intensive care,” says Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Rick and voice tone of wonder. A lack of professionalism, this doctor has paid dearly. “As far as I’m concerned, this doctor deviated from a frame — he broke the oath crisis, values and norms pikodies and beyond. Recommended for immediate departure the army, and gave its name to the Ministry of health, too, “says Colonel (Ret.) Rick. He charged that such cases don’t recur.

Ombudsman: address soldiers for every soldier, every personal failure?

What brings a Kabul?

The Commission consists of six soldiers, teams each in a different domain. The teams include Parallels team of soldiers, “a medical team led by a doctor with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, the team relating to
Commanders and soldiers, equivalent team of staff photo from TOS Lesh. Each staff officer with the rank of Colonel or Lieutenant Colonel, regular service or
Reserve service. On each team are six to eight jobs. “All my authority to positions, although some military personnel,” explained Maj. Gen. (Ret)
Brick and deflects any claim regarding conflict of interest.

In the past, various civil officials contended that the legal department which included citizens of opposite forces main games teams and mbrarim, who were military officials. “They are told to look at the evidence, said command to look at the legal evidence,” the major General (Ret.) Rick on the difficulty that existed in the past. Today, lawyers are an integral part of the teams. “Law students planted within handlers as part of teams. Works including brainstorming, vision and of deliberations — the subject comes to Rama learn
And Molly “debate, Gen. (Ret.) Rick. There is no way a team that contains close to professional, we will hear the matter. “We are working in harmony.
In those cases there’s fear of conflict of interest due to the introduction of ambrarim with the get-
Move the issue to another team, “says Colonel (Ret.) Rick.

Worldview of Gen. (Ret.) brick is unique and different from its predecessors.
The get in his eyes he didn’t fire extinguisher fires, but a platform for change and real repair. The treatment went from micro level to macro level, but the most striking thing in the approach we take is the background-command leadership coming from him. “When I got the job I decided I’m not exclusively the soldiers. I’m also a reason – soldier.
Kabul the Commander. The main reason is the loss of trust tracked When trust between soldier Sir-icabol soldier, will be absent, asks to see קב”ן and lose motivation,” explains Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Rick. “Therefore, I have decided to attack the matter correctly – the reason lies in leadership and command processes,” adds the take.

As part of this special vision, visit the various accounting units of the IDF and participate with commanders from army lines. “In three years I went to 400 units and more at random, all arrays and arms. When I talk to commanders, I explain them that command and leadership are providing personal example, professionalism, reliability, determination and the ability to accept responsibility, “force Gen. (Ret.) Rick teachings. He, along with the captain.
The soldier to carry out roles – he has to cultivate it, and standing as the essence of motivation and confidence. He should listen to his problems, to show what a contribution only soldier and causing him to feel equal. “A good Word builds energy and motivation. Homeland tours, implantation of a unit and the soldier when saving, just to hear what it sounds like – a great “contributions, Gen. (Ret.) in the type of care that builds confidence. “Leading soldiers after commanders in life-threatening situations that confidence,” says take, indicating that he holds any visit with senior commanders, and level up on command and leadership. “The only figure Commander described upstanding unit will be,” he promised.

Other changes that the champion (Ret.) Rick wants to point them out, an indication that seeps into body world-view Commission. The first change in the way.
“In the past, Parallels was conducted at the pillar only. The commanders were severed from it and formed with them, leading to lack of cooperation and solve the problem, “recalls Gen. (Ret.) Rick. At the time, the concept changed from end to end: with each receiving, he turns to the only Commander (a get) and demanded thorough investigation. After you find the truth, I expect Chief to make a decision, one that stands in direct contact and research and its logical, “notes Gen. (Ret.) Rick.
In the Krav Maga in the soldier backed and should believe in, and the Commander returns. The escorts take throughout, and if that opinion is contrary to the final product, is getting involved.  “If the Commander didn’t research thoroughly or didn’t have the courage to accept
The decision – then I went in his place. I measure so the Commander “, says take the paradigm transition leads to transparency and openness in IDF units, and a situation where a senior commander was covering for command at all costs – are fundamental research won’t release commanders responsibility for their troops.

The two on which the pillar is reasoning from, to learn about operational issues and address them. “I ran into a policy or not adjusted to reality and the correlation factors to contempt of the system between the application,” explains Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Rick. The last example and debated the change in ttzpithnit conditions. “I spoke with army officials and Chief of general staff of the champions and recommended straight lines. As a result of the treatment, considering the growing motivation terms of service have changed in favor of the ttzpithnit and nutrition adapted their holiday “, take on the achievement.

Ombudsman: address soldiers for every soldier, every personal failure?

“When I say we, I mean. I can’t ‘ launch ‘ and forgetting “

All along making Gen. (Ret.) Rick he last known address, of the person who will give the final sentence.
He claimed that the teams working under him are picking up rapidly and world-view which as partners. “The shanzib project and displays the command world-leadership understand what people tend to decide and understand the spirit of things,” says Colonel (Ret.) Rick.

Hand in hand with the world view of the get, put the emphasis on wind and the sole Commander toward his troops, even his assertions. The recommendations are not implicit. “They have the highest recommendation. After thorough investigation, interviews and collecting evidence, everything is transferred to bis, you decided the army according to law. When I say I did not deliver and forget the fact, “explains Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Rick for those who claimed before whom tied his hands and feet to the top.

Since appointed Major General (Res.) in the role of Ombudsman, in December 2008, IDF through turbulent period. If the courts are divided into more conservative judges and activists, take is certainly one of the most aktibistis anzivim of the Commission.

Major General (Ret.) Rick was the one who took the soldiers to the military experience, and share them for welfare and benefit of the soldier. “Units that thought he coached. You can’t ignore the fact that today more parents anxious for peace. These units don’t understand you need to know to build positive involvement – both parents side also lost and the soldiers, “says Colonel (Ret.) Rick. By his advice, when a parent calls the unit was transferring him to a conversation with m. “talking with parents moderately and not substantive to get loud and impassioned debate. Why the fear? Because he didn’t know what was happening. I say to clarify their commanders-what’s up, call them, open the unit, training programs, present offers to take a revolutionary new relationship between the parents of a company. “When a parent know — he believes he and captain would be less anxious. Everything looks different. Making the parents only loyalists and bolstering the commanders, and they know that if a significant issue arises – is treated seriously, we take his agreement.

“The reality on the ground lies, ultimately, the commanders.”

Also, the investor take a long time with lectures and discussions with commanders in the IDF’s training courses, juniors normally in charge to.
The Commander, the Chief practical manner rather than just control of mdclam requirements
Commands. “Teach commanders also interviews cut, ת”ש issues and give added value to the soldiers. מ”כים course to OCs in her 1-transfer tools to create motivation, confidence and spirit”, Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Rick. According to him, and also from the surface units must accompany the young soldiers, to prevent glitches value and norms. “All commanders must open the door to abuses, and to encourage them.
Present problems for solution. They should be backed up and angry at them, but everywhere.
To declare red lines, e.g. in matters of violence, get clearer

The last case which raised the name of the title is to take the hazing Sabra battalion of the Givati Brigade. “From the current akbila about the current case not received in respect of acts ‘ hazing ‘ in recent years. A steep decline in recent years in this regard, Gen. (Ret.) Rick and goes to attack strongly this phenomenon.
“About the silence between the commanders often associated stems from the tradition for good.
Went hand in hand with the IDF for treatment of deep things, including manipulating the controls. We were able to make
That is not hazovor, and in the case of local violence are the depth, indicates the take.

Bond of silence, in his opinion, is another step in the loss of the soldier in his own Commander.
And when army backup have support and guidance from senior commanders to the young commanders, it gives them tremendous value. Of creating a unit that focuses on formulating an incandescent and problems between soldiers, commanders see unprecedented improvement – motivation and service charge and equivalent amount is reduced. Eventually, the difference lies in the “commanders, Gen. (Ret.) emphasis on command and leadership.

In light of the Rabbi and military issues in the Israeli public, get educated States that the IDF to formulate definite policy issue. “Acceptable and there is no army issues about policy-setting policy is implied. No matter what, as long as it is. The Chief and head of אכ”א also took their lack of clarity, and sharpen the orders deliberated in all areas — kosher observance, prayer, boys and girls. Today things are clearer, and less acceptable “,
Major General (Ret.) Rick and adds that “a decrease in soldiers against equivalents, due to unusually enhancement in the field of training and in the field of procurement.

The Ombudsman claims that soldiers should not be a former army Major General (Ret.) Rick stands firm with the issued claims hodfot the claims of skeptics.
“The person who heads the Commission to be the rank of Colonel, senior class, who knows what it’s like to be in control. The right combination is command and combat experience. As a difference between the ages get and senior functionaries in the IDF, “explained Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Rick. “Above all else I am a command capability, integrity and honesty. I come from a correct position, which is not involved in or belong to the IDF directly.
The Emirate has huge weight and always received very well, “adds the take.

Despite the high reliability in detecting the body, get an ideal situation which prefers the soldier turns to its any problems whatsoever, and it is treated.
In other words – reliability. “It’s bad that Sir or a dish parallels that have no one to talk to. All contact should be claimed if the highest seriousness and ultimately – sometimes it’s my job to close the circuit between the factors “,
The Secretary take on the commanders to be caring for the address.

Ombudsman role, which came in three years ago, is a kind of eyes
A national task. “I agreed to the Defense Minister’s request because I see tremendous importance in taking part with regard to values and norms of the controls. I am the world according to role carries substantial influence on the system, “says Colonel (Ret.) Rick. “I feel like we’re doing real patch and contribute to the field army. As attention and have full cooperation with the IDF, we fix.
I stand by the commanders and troops, and Bush all entire build process. Personally, I feel enormous satisfaction, “get agreement.

In many ways it can be said that the champion (Ret.) Rick is the gatekeeper of the IDF is
It keeps the values and norms of pikodies and mnaigothiot. Is the address of each
The Commander and a soldier and a man who must handle default seriously. Ombudsman soldiers is a rare entity, each of the recommendations made by the Chief Minister. These are treated according to the instructions of the mdokdkoth get all parallel passes before my eyes, and I’m the one who decides in the end. Everything works according to my judgment, Gen. (Ret.) Rick. He ensures that every person in there who to trust.

Translated from Hebrew