Ombudsman to IDF commanders encouraged parental involvement: the soldiers in military action

נציב קבילות החיילים

Major General (Ret.) Yitzhak brick sent a special letter to the IDF commanders, where he argues that the involvement of soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces commanders is a shared interest and useful to parents and commanders alike.

תאריך: 15/11/2011, 13:24    
מחבר: יונתן אוריך, אתר צה”ל

Ombudsman, Gen. (Ret.) Yitzhak brick, sent a letter to all IDF commanders, where he requires them to be patient with regard to parental involvement.
The IDF commanders, “the parents ‘ involvement in the soldier’s rights and dignity, does not hurt a IDF assignments.”

נקח”ל said that the IDF units various visits he heard from many commanders question the involvement of parents in regard to the treatment of their children. “These talks indicate that commanders are having trouble choosing the proper way to deal with the involvement of parents, and express discontent minds than they perceived as disturbing and unnecessarily onerous”, described in a vacuum.

According to him, the parents ‘ involvement is evident not only in the direct relationship between them and their children, but also controls the admissibility of written and served to examine various issues related to their military service, including the matters relating to the terms of service, medical condition or commanders. “The relationship between IDF soldiers ‘ parents are a product of reality, the army is a key element in social experience in the State of Israel, the recruitment of boys and girls also means army recruitment”, which explains that, as a result
Leaves “many parents feel that they are ‘ partners ‘, service and their Orthodox
Themselves right and obligation to look after their welfare, as they did before the IDF recruitment “.

Brick explained that the parents ‘ involvement is the growing trend is intensified with the years, inter alia also due to the existence of public and private media, including rooting using mobile phones, enabling direct and continuous contact between the soldiers and their families, almost every time. “Few commanders understand that parents hand is discourse discourse of concern for their children and are open to the sides and give legitimacy to the parents ‘ involvement, notes Rick, claiming however that many commanders that this is harming the functioning ב”תופעה commanders and unit and Greece “, some of them refuse to speak with parents and, where it exists, then it is inappropriate behavior.

Ombudsman’s position, as presented in the letter to the IDF commanders, is “worrying about their parents ‘ involvement in, and Moreover, it is possible to harness them to serve as impetus for it. The involvement can become parents support, makes a bet to involved. ” He uses it to commanders by ש”בעוד limited information about the soldier, his family can shed light added that to help with the census. Substantive examination of parents claims reveal a problem or distress of their soldier, which commanders were not previously present her cities were afraid of the soldier “.

Brick argues that “parents involved in a positive way and with the unit and officers meet, often, encourage your child to trust the Census and continue to function properly in this manner, compared with parents who are angry and frustrated, or are in a State of ignorance, injustice and make acquaintance with the unit. נקח”ל concludes that ‘ recruiting ‘ becomes the common interests, involvement of both the army and the parents.

Translated from Hebrew