On the amount of space: a journey in the tombs and the memories.

Spring mountain tour guide ishkovski became Herzl after all members of the unit. Watch the exciting journey in the tombs among the thousands of stories and memories, were cleared on Homeland Security

תאריך: 15/04/2013, 10:20    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

In his first visit on Mt. Herzl was ishkovski, and today, a guide service. He was among the tombstones of the shmpkado team, when his eyes fell on one of the gravestones, etched the name “Spring”, whereas the family name concealed by leaves. Thoughts began to run. “It was not simple for me to see the grave of his name,” he recalls. “To go near the grave of someone your age, it’s tough, especially as a soldier.

The second time it came to mount Herzl was the day after his release from the IDF.
He just wanted to visit the tombs of companions, those who completed their military service. “When I came to me wanting to remind their way,” he says. At first he
Was reporting every month on Mount Herzl, suggested people to pass them a tour following his friends.
I fell, but to his surprise – they preferred the traditional tour of the mountain, where a regular tour, gets them both to come to hear Heroes ‘ stories.
And ishkovski decided to change, is fretwork has toured all over the State Patrol started only at the end took the visitors to the most important place in the eyes of his friends.

One day, when his ishkovski and the tour, something happened that changed for the training work. He had just finished the national tour and intend to go to the part where he talks about his friends when all of a sudden everything turned to a father who was standing near the group. “What about my son?” he asked wistfully, “you can tell also about my son?” Instinctively and immediately ishkovski
Wanted to refuse. The mountains of his time, and he didn’t get a chance to talk about his.
It told him to agree. “When I first started to move military cemeteries tours wouldn’t
Aware enough and didn’t understand the sensitivity, “he admits. Bereaved families “see all the tours reach those places, but the pride that will tell the story behind the space.
Everyone deserves. “

From that day, all under the direction of ishkovski tour begins, but over another. “All my tour begins in a quandary,” he shares.
“Whenever I know I start State section, but every time I find it hard to choose which personal stories. I always think of my neighbor, brother bereavement that I visited in asked if his brother – how can you say no? “

It seems that the dilemma of which stories to choose tear and ishkovski. He knows almost all the tombs, all space and space. Familiar with little anecdotes about each of them, the ones that make people really internalize and remember. “Forward challenge tour is to choose who among them all is the one about talk,” he explains. “There are so many stories, so when I brought a team with a story I think in advance about what I want to convey.

The debating who to pick this – – and all the ishkovski tour and tour. He’s trying to adjust to a group at a time, making sure to ask whether one of the personal story you can relate to. “I understand that for that individual, if not go to the tomb of his closest export with ‘ he has not visited, and the story is personal and it’s always more exciting.”

His collection of stories and ishkovski during the tours. “Every time I see a atrophic Har I asked her if they agree to tell us the story,” explains and ishkovski. “The families just want someone to listen to, and every time I
Hear another story. Among the many stories he hears, taking with him and ishkovski those who touched it and passes it on in fretwork has toured all over. “Always ask me if you have one personal story that moved me very much, and the answer is there are so many,” he says.
“How can I choose to tell the story of one space, and it’s buried next to him.

Tours passes and ishkovski often soldiers. “On the one hand, it’s easier and
Two more difficult, “he says,” If you tell a story, to be among a group like that.
Hear the story and realize. Once you hear what others have done, you feel more confident in yourself. All those ishkovski and don’t forget his personal encounter with
Graveyard during his military service, trying to act as sensitively with those soldiers, but don’t miss the values that they carry on patrol. “The advantage of transmitting military Cemetery tour is the opportunity to bring together people with exemplary stories,” he says. “The cemeteries where they open all the personal stories of the people who are meek, and I merely brings the soldier with them,” ishkovski adds.

Transporting the tour to go with optimistic, not experience negative experience – the price paid is not exterior or bother them and realize that they can price out of the cemetery and see the country, thinking ש’בואו take the stories of these spaces
And continue to build what is not finished, “he says hopefully. Driving tours and ishkovski finish on a tour taking them. Hands-on water marking life and activity – the message he tries to instill a fretwork has toured all over the mountain.

Translated from Hebrew