On the occasion of the holiday victim: Ganz Chief visited the Bedouin and Druze

Lieutenant General Benny Gantz meets in testimony to express his appreciation for their contributions to the IDF, 83% of Druze and Bedouin youth joining the IDF service, 60% to warriors

תאריך: 24/10/2012, 11:14    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

On the occasion of Eid El-Adha holiday visited Chief Lieutenant General Benny Gantz in the Druze and Bedouins, to express his appreciation for their personal testimony of the army.

In recent years there has been an increase in the percentage of recruitment among the Druze and Bedouin youth. Percentage of recruitment among the Druze youth high Jewish counterparts amounted to about 83%
Against 72% in the Jewish sector, of which 60% comes to warriors.

A survey held in 2009 among the Druze and dealt with various issues including the treatment of IDF observed the following trends: respondents split into three parts in the proper ratio for Druze IDF soldier in comparison to the soldier. The army credited to trust with the Druze (65%), nearly 70% of respondents see military service in mobility tool company with an emphasis on equality and human rights.

The recruitment figures among the Bedouins are also pointers for a significant increase (from -345 in 2005 to -492). Although the issue is a key factor in integrating minorities in the IDF, most respondents indicate that the encounter with the army is a positive and significant exposure to language and heritage, and history.

Translated from Hebrew