On the starting line.

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Thousands of soldiers participated in the third race, held at the root sprouts signed the month in the Israeli air force Chief: “I admire the spirit of sportsmanship.”

תאריך: 01/12/2011, 09:49    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Air force racing came yesterday (Wednesday), with the opening shot of the IAF Commander, Maj. Gen. ido nehushtan. Thousands of participants attending blue shirts were the third race at the root sprouts, which locks the month health and fitness.

The event began in the morning when shlmaala than 2,700 participants in the race began to take coats and stretch around the area in order to bask in a little cold temperatures prevailed. The rescues the nehoshtan 10 km Sprint competition and wished good luck to the participants. Then, the General himself participated in competitive kilometers, which fetched workout officer Col. Zvika, soldiers stream. For dessert took place five kilometers run after popular drink and lay some participants of the race, sat and watch the air force band.

This year the race participants apply, but soldiers and police officers from different units
They also reached the first places and worthies. Runners and running Magellan unit, cherry,
669, kingfishers, Moran, the Division rested, paratroopers, infantry, fighters and Israeli air defense soldiers and soldiering, and of course in the various air force bases adorned the Plaza
The event.

The Air Force Commander, Maj. Gen. ido nehushtan summed up the race and said that “all sporting event strengthens and promotes the spirit of teamwork and competition, what is required of army units, so it strengthens morale and group cohesion. I admire the sporty spirit “. The champion was referring to the fact that the participants in the race came from the troops and said that “competition is septal zroeit. It’s not a contest of one against one, but all together against time. ” Makhoul said he personally tried to practice at least once a week and plays squash at weekends. “I finished the race in accordance with the expectations of myself,” said the champion.

Combat fitness Department, Colonel Dr. avi Moyal was referring to the end of the month and said that the race was organized in such a way that exception. Need to thank the air force make the pilgrimage month end event and sport, which was filled with various activities. Colonel Moyal said that as early as last Friday the IDF’s riding group was established, and said that “the IDF today is in a different place than before in terms of importance. Once we hear that the phenomenon of obesity among teens who will join a growing, we can be proud of the IDF which emphasizes
The importance of healthy lifestyles.

Nevatim base, Brig. Gen. Ronen told the IDF site because “it is a great pleasure to welcome so many share units. It’s a holiday basis “, adding that” the Foundation is a pioneer in transition to wipe and I hope you will be a role model to all the bases in the country.
The event is a powerful demonstration to HA and the army in General and the importance of physical fitness, which is one of our main goals.

Who won third place in the category ‘ run of ten kilometers, is the logistics wing headquarters at 21 major fair autumn, indicating herself four years ago weighed 20 pounds more, and currently maintains a healthy sporty lifestyle. Major fall levy, who finished a respectable place in said “today was difficult but
Race is difficult, and fun. When we run we’re winners. ” Lieutenant Colonel tzbiga Brook,
Who was behind the production of the event, concluded by saying that “this is part of activities to mask regularly in the air force. This is another stone in the Foundation of lifestyles in culture “, adding that” I’m glad the previous race he participated primarily
Professionals, today could be seen participating in sports not engaged in daily routine.
This is actually a great achievement “.

All air force bases are located about 53 fully equipped gyms and where soldiers practice every day. Having already won the IDF commanders championship this year, it seems that the physical environment is maintained and gains momentum with force.
Many warriors from the various units summarized the race and said the intensive training and routine are those who prepared them well for the race, and it is apparent that in becoming assimilated into atmosphere and healthy lifestyle gets a significant part in the life of any soldier.

Translated from Hebrew