Once again, the battalion transferred the artillery reserve elections

While the reserve battalion was ratified, “Shaham” export of designed to simulate combat. Both the elections in 2003, they did so in practice they trained them.

תאריך: 24/01/2013, 18:34    
מחבר: יעל זהבי, אתר צה”ל

As elsewhere in the country, even in the strange people’s training (tothanot school) listened attentively in the evening Tuesday, the model results January elections. And like everywhere else in the country, so there was surprise results.

One of the battalions of the Brigade reserve designed Shaham of the artillery corps, spent it.
Tonight, as every week, deep in the desert, wet practice, which takes place every three years and the whole country took sabbatical day let her Battalion soldiers there and practiced shooting. The Hermon ski trip, “” wipe on and APC
The suit in cold area in tents.

“Of course after 10 p.m. gathered them here all kinds of sentencing against those parliaments who
And what will be. Built here a variety of “quiet oppositions” and coalitions “, Meg, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Nicky Abraham, when one hand is holding the iPhone, in the other the MIRS and sex allies skill holds even on the radio.

This is the first time the regiment spent together on election day. Also in the elections 2003-in 2003, the battalion’s soldiers. “It’s exciting to vote. It feels like a double contribution to country-to vote and to be in the reserves, “says Nicky.
While he treats seriously and sensitively, joking around the soldiers and politicians each other’s choices.

“Cold here at night. Freezing, “says Amnon. “Yes, what? Crying to Mommy “, source of joking Yair, from adults in that Regiment celebrated his birthday ה57. Also working his old age get the humorous treatment regiment. “I forgot the old Hebrew date”.

While funny atmosphere continues, starting with the coaching staffs. Watch cry, shoot! “sound every few seconds and immediately all the soldiers sticking their fingers
The ears and wait for the ball. Loud boom sounded, and the laughs continue as normal.

“The emphasis in training is on the basics-understanding, formulation of the staff. We simulate a war who also (emergency warehouse stores
The equipment of the emergency reserve-m), “logistics officer Maj. Gil Shaham, decorated’s enlightened.

Unlike the regular battalions, which are equipped with the most advanced equipment, the regiment soldiers train in old fashion style, this sets the Mag they aren’t equipped with all the technological edge of the regular battalions, but compensate with experience and training. “It’s all about power,. And a lot of physical effort, “explains Meg Nikki proudly.
“Pillar of soldiers constantly called and asked if I could stand. I think it shows a lot about our Regiment. With how much they might have pronounced goof-offs are the strength of our people, “says Nicky.

Translated from Hebrew