One by one: military VS civilian photographer photographer

זיו קורן בפעולה. צילום באדיבות זיו קורן

Coral Queen icon serves as an operational combat photographer documenting on film unit of
The IDF spokesperson; Ziv Koren, is a well-known and professional photographers in Israel. Is there a connection between the two? New project

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מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

Coral Queen icon serves as documenting the sales operational documentation, and he
Combat photographer in the actual film unit of the IDF spokesperson, Ziv Koren, one of the most recognized photographers
And most professional in Israel, working as a photographer for the newspaper “Israel today”. Project
“One by one” the IDF’s attempts to assert the professional relationship between soldiers carrying out tasks also equivalents.

The role and the required attributes

Ziv: I shoot news and documentary. A key part of tzilmii comes from the field of military security, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, security industries, exercises and humanitarian issues, social and political. I shoot for “Israel today” in the country while working with another 40 newspapers and magazines around the world. I worked in ב”ידיעות last big event: Logoff, the second Lebanon war, bombings, kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. I also reserve and lecturer — from combat record, spoken to that issue as well, I look at the new photographers coming to the film unit.

Coral: an exciting and challenging role. It requires the photographer on the ground must be connected to the IDF dobrotit, capture and communicate the materials as soon as possible in order released to the media. This role is characterized by professionalism and independence very much. There is a lot of role exit the area where carried out by combatants and commanders. It’s not just any soldier class comes to him.

One by one: military VS civilian photographer photographer

Ziv: I believe added value, maturity and observation angle is different. I look at the current evidence but attempting to match thakk meaning in history. Should be ready for unexpected things, analyze the event accurately, be professional and alert. Of course, all this is added the experience and seniority. In photojournalism is no substitute for experience. Photographer with experience can grab the decisive moment in a photograph, but there is not a photographer. You need to be with my finger on the pulse and predict the future. Talent is always welcome, but not enough.

Coral: physical fitness and combat high capacity, knowledge in photography, understanding and conduct in the field – to know to take care of yourself and always be alert.


Ziv: studied at Thelma Yellin plastic arts, where she formed the initial basis for photography. I joined in 1989 and was a military photographer and my professional experience began 23 years ago.

One by one: military VS civilian photographer photographer

Coral: I underwent combat training at the infantry Rifleman 05. Boot camp at Ketziot and Karen.
When documenting the obtzati. In the course of operations documentation to learn the secrets of the technical structure of the camera, the lens and the shutter until the photo angles, motion photography and filming.
Heard class lectures of photographers and leading media in the country they are reservists of the Division. It is imperative that course must pass before being sent into the field with a camera.

Agenda and moments on the job.

Ziv: I work 20 hours a day. A large part. Work is divided: documentary journalism, lectures, commercial activities and volunteering that’s a big part for me. Photography portfolio has become an inseparable part of me, it’s on 24/7, ready for retrieval. It’s a way of life, not just professionals. If you don’t love it, you can’t do this all day. Thankfully I instead I choose independent of what I want to photograph.

Coral: depart to routine or demonstrations, all sorts of disruptions (bar –
H. d.) or exercises. In emergencies – connected to power or fighter Regiment and with the operational activities. The PAC determined with full readiness, weapons, (cards, memory cards, batteries, charger). If necessary also in old times sleeping bag
Emergency work is around the clock.

One by one: military VS civilian photographer photographer

Ziv: the camera is a tool that can tell which story, Excite, enlighten the people and very important for me to give back to society, not just the economic aspect. I’m working on a project to Schneider Hospital, weekday volunteering and photographing their activities there “brothers for life” – wounded fighters in operational, giving a photography course and Latet I take alternative poverty report. I think that 30% of my time for nothing. In the professional field, I hope my climax. Continuous career ב”פיקים” – exhibitions, books, award-winning these important landmarks, but never thought to rest on our laurels. It is important to understand
It was very hard work and there are no shortcuts. For me to win this award once peak but that doesn’t blind me, but sharpens the understanding that I have to keep doing what I’m doing.

Coral: the climax mine in my opinion was the return of Gilad Shalit. To participate in one.
Exciting moments for the State of Israel and its citizens and the return home of the abducted soldier after so many years and prayers. It was an honor to participate in this event and to get the information from the field. The most fun to shoot in a place where there the action and everything happens.
In-IO in emergencies – in the direction of Gaza or Lebanon. Where there is more action.
The thrill makes the photo. On a professional level must adjust the optimal angle correct so the image awakens the emotions of the viewer at home.

Challenges, dilemmas and personal life

Ziv: newspaper image to me is just a way station. I see the horizon.
Further: exhibitions, books and more. Being a good photographer is important, but not enough.
You have to comprehend that you are a photographer, if you don’t know the area, the people, it will not work. A lot of research, communication, ability to explain, to persuade, and to understand. Image should produce emotion – it’s the challenge. If you look at my picture.
It evokes nothing – failed. I want to leave my mark in places that weren’t there before.

Coral: a time many challenging tasks, participate in exercises or operational special and routine. For example an exercise of exercise of alpinist or crossbar.

Ziv: naturally because of the unexpected nature of the work, anyone who chooses to be a photographer needs to know who is on standby. In many cases the surprise element and an integral part of the job. Weekend when I’m not in the mood to see a camera, I want to rest the camera and taking pictures like every father family and private moments.

Coral: the family is taking away from my hands, take care when on the ground or when in chonnoies. Members being envious and think it’s an excellent position in the IDF and were looking to switch roles. There are times of high alert but in General when I’m Home I mostly resting.

Ziv: I hope that by the end of my life get in the photo. When I signed up, I thought it would be an interesting way to pass as the military service. While the Gulf war service and ran after falls the Scuds. Then I realized that’s what I want to do. For me to tell the Visual story, being in the right place at the right time.

Coral: the goal is to become a photographer in citizenship. News and press photographer. See myself
Advanced and evolving in the field primarily as shrchshti the tools and experience the best in

Ziv: dilemmas, but have always know I do what I need to do. Question
Mostly ethical dilemmas, stuff I took that moral concerns. The law is very clear – what is allowed, what is prohibited. Morality is subject to interpretation and discretion and if I shoot wounded bombing scene, topless, I could get her to reveal her injustice, but strong.

One by one: military VS civilian photographer photographer

Coral: the dilemmas are often. Always have to choose the correct camera angles and consider what is appropriate and what is dobrotit speaking the message you want to convey. I think of the dobrothi and then on how to test.

The similarities and differences between the military and civic roles

Ziv: military photographer works within a framework, and I get a external communications came to survey and to disclose it to the public. In some places I have difficulties that I don’t always share the same interests with the army. And yet, there is close cooperation and productive with the IDF there is much more openness compared to the American military, allowing more self-criticism. In Israel, with all the censorship and information security, dealing is professional and emotional. I have never ruled out a picture that is not carried in someone in the military. I have a lot of appreciation for these organizations which are committed to integrity. I wish I could go back to the events during his military service, with the knowledge,
The experience and the tools I have today. I think this is a springboard for citizenship. The benefit ltzmim in the army is mainly in the fact that they come with theory and practice after they covered large functions.

Hussain: I shoot much better access to existing citizens review cases vs. photographer
Military. In the photos, the focus is mainly on the dobrothi, the message the image conveys and its impact on public opinion she does all my work.

Translated from Hebrew