Opened summer raising the entrails: the future of Golani fighters arrive at the on line

לוחמי גולני בהשבעה. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

What soldiers? Every recruit, one of the warriors that what will list about the track being the only one. New corner

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מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

גיוסי אוגוסט 2013

August of Golani fighters arrive at the line: this morning (Sunday), the fresh recruits and the Golani Brigade’s egoz unit to the gates of Tel Hashomer, became soldiers.

July fundraising to Golani has always been perceived as a highlight because it opens the
RIP Kirby, who will be the next IDF fighters among dozens of fresh recruits arrived to Tel Hashomer also collected three battalion ‘ Ohana, breaking one of the Golani Brigade, in order to get the latest troops their first day.
“The importance to combat is, and taken for granted,” said the IDF site. “this is our country, our home, and we must protect it. The place to do that is. Division, Division with a determined battle heritage “list.

Opened summer raising the entrails: the future of Golani fighters arrive at the on line

Before the rookies face arduous months prior
Become full-fledged warriors. Immediately upon their enrollment open in four months of basic training followed by advanced training of two and a half months after combat engineers. The challenges facing the Division today, and others will face the prospects in the future, “said Sergeant we warriors ~ bash the enemy with our body and our fighting force. It was, and so it will be. I don’t think there is a significant contribution. Keep, and if necessary go to war “.

More than to the big responsibility bagius the Division has a long heritage of. The Golani Brigade’s “very professional and so
The emphasis we put on the professionalism of the fighters. Constantly marching forward, this spirit-not to withdraw the Golani back and not give up any task. This is the scratch of Golani.

Just before the fraternization, he reassures his new recruits and impart motivation. “The rookies don’t know how old their recruitment.
Before the draft, they don’t know what they’re capable of, but in spite of the difficulties that will not
To give. They discovered that they had not known capabilities, and will join the ranks of warriors who were before them, and will protect the State. “

The parents separated from their children and make sure the next time you see them get new soldiers.
He removes their concern. “I can assure the parents are gone.
Who’s guarding you are good commanders, people at the top of the top values them is caring for a soldier “

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