Opening shot for the month: IDF officers Championship took place last night.

ריצת המפקדים. צילום: גדי ימפל,דובר צה”ל

The Championship was held in a small format that emphasizes exercise
A healthy way of life instead of competitiveness. Chief: “we as an army Warrior understand the importance of physical fitness”

תאריך: 23/10/2014, 08:05    
מחבר: יפתח כרמלי, אתר צה”ל

Opening shot for the month: IDF officers Championship took place last night.

About 500 officers and officers of IDF units, from the rank of Colonel to be Chief of staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, gathered today, as every year, IDF officers Championship, the 13th time. Like last year, this year the Championship was held in a small format, which focuses on competitiveness, reduced and greater emphasis on physical activity as a way of life.

The Championship opened at 5:30 a.m. in swimming and running, followed by a challenging run unit extinguished commanders in Chief. “we as an army Warrior understand the importance of physical fitness, said Lt. General Gantz to the site.
“We may run here today for fun, but our fighters have the ability
To cope with the battlefield and challenging. “

After running the commands and scattered departments into several stations, which practice a variety of sports including aerobics, spinning, and for the first time in the Championship – Krav Maga. “Krav Maga is that we put so much emphasis on it in recent years in the army, and in particular combat fitness,” said the Commander, combat fitness school, Lieutenant Colonel Gil amber. “We decided to expose this year.
Senior commanders to field, who is also a life coach and inserts values of physical fitness, determination and aggressiveness, “explained

Opening shot for the month: IDF officers Championship took place last night.

Makhoul. Photo: IDF spokesman Gadi yampel

Among the commanders who took part in the Championship was SM
Aluf Amir Eshel, who explain in discussion to IDF website that “we see that our people are involved in the exercise in how much more independent, should not force them not to perform these days – they come alone.”

After a lecture by Eric Hoefler, a former European champion, signed today in granting boons to units that excelled last year in the gym. The brigade that the commanding general central Mancha won financial grant after he won first place this year in the field of physical fitness.

“Eventually the transition from challenge to challenge is the us army property. We are after Kit with quite a few difficulties, but we have seen that when you have a clear goal, you can achieve it, “he said, referring to Chief operation cliff
Eitan “. “Two months of the campaign took us out of a rut but I think we see
More and more people with awareness of physical fitness – sports days in most units
More activities, more runners in the South, the North and the Valley.

Also, added Lt. General Gantz “physical fitness and combat is not only important achievement-clearly we need physical tool to our function and our fighting ability. When we say tomorrow this war not only operative command or equipment, as the service concluded, people. He finally declared the Championships in navigation, to be held on November 4, and Israeli combat fitness Championship, “let three or four days”, he said.

Translated from Hebrew