Opens the month in

This month, part of a broader plan to change the culture in Israel will mark anniversary of boilim controls the “lifestyles” – to promote the importance of the subject among IDF commanders.

תאריך: 01/11/2011, 14:19    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Today (Tuesday) opens the month in 2011.
The month part of a broad plan to modify the physical culture in the army led by combat fitness Department in GoC army headquarters. Will include a variety of events in all IDF units in the air, land and sea, aimed at raising awareness, change habits, cultural assimilation and the values of a healthy lifestyle.

Among the major events during the month will open for the first time the Group of Israeli army’s swim team will return to compete this year. In addition, many warriors participate in Ramat Gan. In addition, IDF commanders and soldiers participate in fitness activities and various military and civilian in races across the country.

The IDF considers fitness culture and value. Various sports activities
Key leadership, competitiveness, and excellence as a professional army. Army
The units and commanders, warriors have physical strength and health and mental health, contributing to improve the ability to perform any task in training and on the battlefield.

The month the year marked “the leading commanders in lifestyles, of thinking and understanding that IDF commanders are at the forefront of promoting activity lifestyles in IDF units.

Translated from Hebrew