Operation cast lead – the first step

לוחם נערך לפעולה הקרקעית ברצועה . צילום: ניל כהן, דובר צה”ל

In the midst of the scene Saturday fighter jets of the air force in the skies and attack targets and Hamas terrorist infrastructure throughout the region. It opened the hostilities in Gaza during operation cast lead that was there “• IDF site summarizes the first week of operation, the first attack to the instructor the first foot on the soil of Gaza operation.

תאריך: 08/01/2009, 10:40    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Last week, the seventh candle of Chanukah, open in operation cast lead to harm terror infrastructure and goals of Hamas. light tmshchuta
Continuous terrorist activity of the organization from the Gaza Strip and rocket fire and attacks on Israel’s citizens. Close to 12 noon on Saturday, Israeli aircraft attack terrorist targets throughout the Gaza Strip, including tunnels, rocket-launching areas and
Weaponry and ammunition.

After two days of air strikes alone, IDF also began to bombard targets from the sea.
Troops forces attacked dozens of targets throughout the Gaza Strip, such as warehouses, are stationed, tunnels, launching different positions as well as production and storage sites for weapons and rockets.

In addition to attack IDF key operations several times the Kerem Shalom crossings “and” packed “and allow humanitarian aid of pharmaceuticals, food, gear and ambulances into the areas. Once the possible transfer of two Palestinian children wounded and 20 chronically ill from Gaza to hospitals in Israel to receive medical treatment.

The IDF did not also of Hamas officials. On Wednesday night the operation Israeli aircraft struck the three members of the Hamas Government, which in the Tel Hawwa, which handled the Government activity and support in financing, planning and execution of terrorist acts. Testing done after the attack revealed that the offices of the Ministers deputies organization and senior administration of the Ministry of finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of labor, Ministry of construction and housing of the Organization were completely destroyed.

Office of the Hamas Prime Minister, Ismail’s second Legislative Council building and the homes of senior Hamas official Nizar Rayan and Nabil amrin Pierce. In addition the IDF attack two mosques that were used for storing rockets, grads and weapons.

Saturday: throughout the day in air force jets carried out attacks terrorist targets throughout the Gaza Strip, when IDF forces were shbmkabil to phase two-the bottom. Close to 8:00 p.m. possible. Large forces of infantry, armour, artillery and intelligence, made their way into the Gaza Strip in a bid to strike hard in
Hamas in the task of taking over part of the territory.

Translated from Hebrew