Operational medicine – desert

פינוי פצועים, ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

How to treat wounded soldiers in the complex conditions of the desert? How to overcome the difficult route on the way to the rescue? The tag חטמ”ר Sagi answers

תאריך: 09/04/2013, 13:32    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

Preparatory training for mass casualty event took place this month in Brigade Sagi, wearing a tag which rehearsed (pick-up station laughing stock) many divisional scenarios.
The medics at a 7 km journey, after which the reached a point where they awaited soldiers seemed. “The trip was important because when you have real time injuries don’t always have cars that can go in and have to scan a few kilometres on foot,” explained Chief divisional clinic, רס”ל Basel slaacha.

“The aim of the exercise is that paramedics will recognize
The area closely, especially these days when the situation changes and important question to be ready, “said slaacha רס”ל. “We are preparing for any scenario, even hostile infiltrators and terrorist activity. We have a dedicated evaluation to medical treatment when these infiltrators, shbmkrim it is important to maintain hygiene and to wear masks against pandemics “, he added.

“The exercise was held as the crepe’s initiative to treat the casualty, provided as Egypt border area”, said one of the paramedics who took part in the drill, Renee to the symbol-huzayel, “far terrain hard surface roads, which can be a real time and in most cases this is the situation.”

“It is important to know how to handle this surface route in order to be prepared for the future.
After the exercise, I feel we’re ready for it and know what to do.
In addition, it helped a lot for the team. “

Slaacha רס”ל noted that” cooperate with exercises more troops on the ground and the rest of the sector corporations “.

Translated from Hebrew